Sonia’s first swimming lesson

I’ve decided to let Sonia learn SWIMMING!!!

She loves being in the water since she was an infant, and she still does.

Yesterday, she attended her first swimming lesson and I thought she did well (considering this being her first lesson). Coach Garrett started the lesson with “catch the hoops” to break the ice. Initially Sonia was afraid of her coach. He was big and dark and she was very small in comparison. She clung onto me like a little koala bear. But after a song or two, and after seeing what Heidi and Michael did, she started picking the hoops and placed them on the cone. CLAP CLAP. Good start!

I like how her coach uses songs and toys to stir their interest and Sonia loves those songs. Next they did “walking by the wall” using their hands. She, again, resisted to follow but after some words of encouragements, she attempted to try and actually enjoyed herself.

The next few activities were a little too advance for her. So I let the other coach walk her through the lesson. We shall take baby steps, and slowly but surely, build her confidence.

Thumbs up!

Here are some pictures of her swimming since she was five months old. I took heaps of pictures of everything Sonia did since she was born but ever since Arnold came along, I just didn’t have the time and energy to do the same. I still take pictures of my children (I want to capture their every milestone) but I’m just not as enthusiastic as I used to be. Anyway, here are her pictures!


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