Our next vacation – Australia, it shall be.


I seem to have some kind of affinity for Australia, and have been there at least a dozen times. The best times of my life were spent at Brisbane with my then boyfriend, now husband. Those four years, I’ve learnt so much!

Let’s revisit the times I was still studying in uni……. 2006 – 2010.

P1010438After graduating with a diploma, I went to the University of Queensland to complete my degree. Everything was new to me – the place, the people, the culture, everything. The university was HUGE and unlike NUS or NTU, there wasn’t shuttle services within the St Lucia campus. We just had to walk from one building to the other, even if it meant walking 10 blocks away. On some days, I had my lectures and tutorials nicely fitted and spread out. On other days, I had some 4 to 5 hours block between lectures. My first semester at UQ was quite a rough one. Unfamiliar with their system and style, I struggled with my assignments but soon after (it took me one semester to warm up) I learned the gambit to score and the rest was history.

Side track a little – if you notice my mobile phone on the right of the photo (see above)? Yes, that’s an antique now. Eight years ago, smart phones just started being popular but I didn’t get one because data plan in Australia was really expensive. I can’t say the same today (basically everyone owns a smart phone now).

DSC03259My life wasn’t all about studying, I had a life outside the books. We call that a social life (gee). In Brissy, I met many nice people. We all come from different walks of life and specialised in different fields. Some did law, some did IT, some did medicine, some did engineering, some did business studies and the list goes on. But with some kind of fate, we met and I’m glad we met.

Still remember “Cheaper Tuesdays”? Domino’s Pizzas were only 5 bucks each!

IMG_5800And once in a while, we all gathered to whip up something special. Someone suggested sushi, and sushi we had.

DSC06775I stayed in an apartment at Taringa, and there I made many friends. (most of my neighbours were Singaporeans). Occasionally, we gather by the pool for a BBQ session or a game of UNO! Precious memories 🙂

Photo 012And we celebrated all kind of festivals, be it mid-autumn festival or Dragon Boat festival. I remembered we carried lanterns and walked around Taringa. Of course, many onlookers stared at us but really, it didn’t bother us any bit. In fact, we kinda enjoyed the attention!

DSC03167There were also many impromptu gatherings and birthday parties!



DSC06759And road trips… My best road trip partner is Adila (top right)! Thanks for being such a great friend!

IMG_5184During school holidays, we drive up to Mooloolaba for horse riding. I couldn’t find pictures of us riding the horses (though I’m pretty sure I have them somewhere in my hardisk), but never mind that. Those memories are here to stay.

DSC03593At Mooloolaba.



DSC00694I’ve heard so much about Stephen Robert Irwin (or better known as Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter) and have always wanted to visit the Australia zoo, but I came too late. The Australian wildlife expert and conservationist died after being pierced in the chest by a stingray barb while filming an underwater documentary film titled “Ocean’s Deadliest”. Many came to pay tribute to the Crocodile Hunter.


DSC00772DSC02441And when you reside near the Sunshine Coast, you must head down to the beach. The beaches there were BEAUTIFUL!DSC02465

DSC02631 P1010722

DSC01709I couldn’t recall when, but when my parents visited, we brought them to the Strawberry farm. Fresh sweet juicy strawberries, what’s there not to love. Gee…



30.06.09 - Byron Bay 294Byron Bay

30.06.09 - Byron Bay 186

DSC08276After a couple of months in Brissy, we bought a second-hand car and that made traveling so much easier. Cars in Australia is SO MUCH MORE affordable than Singapore’s. DSC08279.eOur little Yaris, served us well. Very well.DSC02087We love hanging out at the West End market! In fact, we go there every other week to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. The only downside is that CAR. PARK. IS. ALWAYS. FULL. Arggg…

20 oct 2009I love the Jacaranda tree. And I love that man standing next to the tree too!

DSC00602It’s nice when we have friends coming down to visit!



DSC00479And nothing beats having a good dinner with great friends after examinations.

apr 2009 ale patI get to know friends from different places. Ale came from Germany and Pat was from Thailand.

DSC00902Whenever there’s semester breaks, we always head to Helensvales for SHOPPING!

DSC01064Spring is the perfect season for alfresco dining.


Copy of DSCF3276I had heaps of fun in uni too! I remembered, in my last year, we ran a “Healthy Lifestyle Campaign”. We went round getting sponsorships from suppliers and managed to rent these costumes at no cost. The posters I designed were pasted all over the campus. Respond wasn’t overwhelming but it was really not-too-bad.

walking tackWe even managed to invite a mayor to grace the ribbon cutting ceremony and got the media to cover our story (yes, it appeared in the papers)!!!

DSC04509Great team work!!! Hurray!!!

DSC06950Classmates I will never forget.


DSC07571And finally, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Communication majoring in Public Relations.

DSC07567My parents were very proud of me.

Nope, I didn’t stop studying. I went on to do a masters degree at The Queensland University of Technology while sweetie (Edmund) did his degree at UQ (he came later because he needed to complete serving NS first).

IMG_3670And then I graduated again, with Adila.

IMG_3513I’ve gotten the Dean’s award again, and my parents were very very proud of me.
Dad and mum, thanks for being so supportive. 一切尽在不言中。

IMG_3551And sweetie, thanks for always being there for me.
Your presence and support meant a lot to me.

IMG_3539And daddy, I am what I am today because of you. Thank you ain’t enough but still, thank you. I love you deep deep!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASoon after, sweetie graduated too!

We spent some time traveling around Australia and New Zealand before heading back to Singapore for good.

It was four good years, filled with fond memories.

And yes, I will bring my kids to Brisbane some day…

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