Playdate | Poly Shrink and Kinetic Sand

Today the kids worked with poly shrink sheets! Before today, I didn’t know such things existed (lol, mountain tortoise).  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPoly Shrink is a flexible, versatile plastic that shrinks to half its original size when baked in a toaster. Deborah drew some Hello Kitty images on the poly shrink sheets and had the girls to colour them before sending them to the toaster.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnfortunately, the colour didn’t stay in the plastic sheet. Perhaps we used the wrong type of marker.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShrinking in progress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere you go – Hello Kitty and Miffy. The colours eventually came off but Sonia loves her little Hello Kitty key chain. She hung it on her school bag and showed it off to her classmates the very next day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeidi the photographer.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter their craft work, the kids played with kinetic sand (awesome invention). It sticks together, fun to play with, and easy to keep.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASonia was so afraid of sand some few days ago when we brought her to the park but she wasn’t afraid of these kinetic sand. Guess she thought they were like PalyDoh.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe’s a sand-monster (or so her mummy thought so).



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks for the fun-filled day!

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