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My children attend Heguru (right-brain training) classes once a week and I see that they have benefited from them. If you haven’t heard of the Heguru Right-Brain Training programme, you can read more about their activities here.

One hour of right-brain training exercises is anything but dull and boring. In fact, Sonia enjoys her Heguru lessons there and looks forward to class each week. While I can’t replicate the entire programme at home, I can DIY some activities at home at very little cost, or some times, no cost at all (just use existing materials).


PM 1

In class, the teachers train the child to look at and recall images consisting of different colours and shapes. You can create your own Mandala image.

  • Create your own Mandala image (see below image ‘Sheet 1’).
  • Have your child look at the Mandala image for 10 seconds and memories the colours.
  • Ask your child to fill the colours in ‘Sheet 2’.
  • Have your child to look at the Mandala image again. This time round, she needs to remember both the shapes and colours. Ask your child to close her eyes and see the after image in the mind. Repeat this 3 times.
  • Then hand your child a blank piece of paper to draw out the image and colour it.
Mandala Sheet 1

Mandala Sheet 1

Mandala Sheet 2

Mandala Sheet 2








PM 2

  • Use colour blocks or lego. You will need 2 sets of blocks or lego – one for yourself, another for your child.
  • Arrange the bricks and show your child, then give her a set of blocks or lego to replicate what she saw.
Colour blocks

You can use colour blocks or lego. I would recommend blocks for younger children and lego for 2 yrs and above.

Arnold tries to replicate what he saw earlier.

Arnold tries to replicate what he saw earlier. Concurrently, he’s strengthening his clumsy fingers.










PM 3

  • Tell funny stories using flash cards – be creative. You can also use toys to tell a story.
  • I would do 3 cards with Arnold and at least 6 cards with Sonia.
  • Here’s a funny story I did with Sonia yesterday after school. Try to create a funny and dramatic story as it has a greater impact on memory. It will be easier for your child to remember the story and hence the cards.
    The tortoise gave a balloon to the zebra who took a rocket to see the queen eating a sock under the moon.
  • After telling her the stories, I will go through the key words with her and flip the cards over so she doesn’t see the pictures.
  • Now ask your child if she remembers the cards in sequence. Turn over the cards as she answers. Have fun!
  • Your child might need some cues along the way. Try to use connecting words to prompt them instead of telling them the category of the ‘word’. Example of connecting words “put on”, “flying to”, “see a”, “above the”, etc. Try to refrain from telling your child the category of the ‘object’, for example, “it’s a kind of fruit”, or “it’s something you can drive”.
  • Gradually increase the number of cards depending on the progress of your child.
  • After a few practices, ask you child to make her own story. You can start by making a story for the first 3 cards and get her to make a story for the next 3 cards.
Funny story

Funny story


Enjoy these activities with your children!

Learning can be fun!!!

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