Easy peasy ice cream cake for my 3 year old

“3 is a good number. Good things always come in 3. And 3 is my favourite number. Oh, my girl just turned 3! How did 3 years just past like it was only 3 months? It must have been an un~un~un~un~unbelievable good 3 years, and the next 3 years will be better, the next 30 years, incredible, and the next 300 hundred years, stupendous! Happy birthday, my gem!”

Since May, Sonia had been looking forward to her birthday because she believes that she will grow taller when she reaches three. I don’t know where she has gotten this idea from but she says this a lot “mama, I haven’t three years old, not taller yet. On my birthday, I will be taller”. And it always tickles us! We all had a good laugh! And somehow being “3” means that she is capable of doing more things by herself.

“Mama, I cannot sleep by myself yet because I haven’t three years old. When I three years old, I can sleep by myself already!” ~ Sonia

“Mama, you need to help me brush my teeth because I haven’t three years old yet. When my birthday comes, then I can brush my teeth myself.” ~ Sonia

“Mama, you must hold my hand (when she is attempting to write) because I not yet three years old. Next time when I am three years old, I can write on my own.” ~ Sonia

Etc, etc, etc…

So “3” is the magic number?

She seems to think that when she reaches three, she will be taller, smarter, more mature, more independent and ready to fly! Another reason why she is looking forward to her birthday is because, I promised to make her an ICE-CREAM BIRTHDAY CAKE!

No, she had not eaten ice-cream, ever, until two days ago when I took her to the ice-cream stall to choose her favourite ice-cream flavour. The first time she tasted ice-cream, that look, that pair of glittering eyes, that smile – P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S. Even the lady manning the ice-cream stall was astonished to see how happy and contented a child can be, just tasting ice-cream. She slowly, very slowly, savoured her ice-cream, one spoonful after the other, trying to pick her favourite. It wasn’t hard to guess which flavour she chose – STRAWBERRY (only because it’s P.I.N.K). Her mummy, me, isn’t a fan of strawberry flavoured ice cream so I got a quart of vanilla ice-cream too. I’m sure it will pair well with her ‘favourite’ strawberry!

Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream from New Zealand Natural

This is probably the simplest two-ingredient cake I have ever made.

2-ingredient ice cream cake


(9-inch cake)

  • 1 quart of vanilla ice-cream
  • 1 pint of strawberry ice-cream
  • 1 layer of white cake (any kind of white cake and if you are lazy, just buy a ready made plain cake from the bakery)



Almost idiot proof. There is no way you can screw this up.

  • Let the ice-cream sit out on the counter until it’s runny or at least soft enough to spread (about 30 minutes)
  • Meanwhile, cover your 9-inch cake pan with a layer of plastic wrap, in case it leaks.
  • Spread a layer of runny ice-cream on the cake pan and leave it to harden in the freezer.
    *Make sure the ice-cream is harden. I was lazy and didn’t wait till it was totally harden so my white cake sinked to the bottom. Opss!
  • After the first layer of ice-cream is harden, place your white cake on the pan and then pour in the remaining runny ice-cream (if you bought a ready made cake and it isn’t 9-inch big, no sweat, just tear the cake into pieces and layer it nicely)
  • Now put the whole thing in the freeze and get on with your day.
  • When it’s time to celebrate, flip the cake pan and place it on a plate or cake stand.
  • Wrap a warm cloth around the cake pan for a couple of minutes (mine took about 3 minutes), you will hear a soft thump.
  • Now remove the the cake pan.
  • You’re ready to serve.

Easy peasy, right?

You can garnish it with fruits or chocolate, or not. Just stick some birthday candles and you are good to go!




Ice-cream cake wasn’t all. Sonia had heaps of presents from us all!


I wrapped all her presents in pink wrapping paper because she loves P.I.N.K. so so much!


She was so spoiled! So many toys all in one night!


And her favourite? I would have guess, the Dominos but she chose the Monkey Balance toy. Anyway, we all had an awesome family time and we were glad Sonia enjoyed herself throughly.

Happy birthday, sweetheart! Daddy and Mummy love you very much! Very very much! Very very very much!

* If you wonder where Arnold was? He was asleep already. His usual sleep time is at 7.30pm. Opss, he missed out some fun!

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