Infant Gross Motor Skills

Lately, many of our friends joined the “Parenthood Club” and there are so much to be happy about! All our children are about the same age. And I think we should organise one big gathering with all the babies and toddlers. It will be fun! It doesn’t matter if some of them don’t know each other yet, because mummies gel up very easily. Remember, we all have some thing in common – children.

There are some things that we, mummies, always talk about – the kids’ development milestones. Of course, every child is different and they grow at their own pace, but it is nice to have some kind of guidelines to at least know our kids are on track, and if there are problems, it is also good to find out soon.

Since most of my friends’ children are below one year old, let me share with you “Infant Developmental Milestones”.

Infant Development Milestones

0 to 3 mth old

  • Lifts head when on tummy
  • Move head from side to side while lying on back
  • Holds head in the middle in supported sitting position
  • Kicks feet when on back
  • Bring hands and fingers to mouth
  • Begins to bear partial weight on both legs when held in a standing position


3 to 6 mth old

  • Randomly move arms and legs
  • Hold head steady when held in sitting position
  • Begins to sit with support
  • Turn him/herself from back to side and tries to roll over
  • Reach out for toys
  • When on stomach, is able to keep head up, putting weight on arms and turn head from side to side
  • Stand when held, and able to bend knees
  • Touch knees and feet with hands when lying on back


6 to 9 mth old

  • Start rolling back to front and visa versa
  • Sits and plays with toys
  • Begins to crawl on hands and knees
  • Moves from lying down to sitting up
  • Begins to pull to stand on furniture


9 to 12 mth old

  • Be able to crawl over and around objects
  • Start to cruise around furniture
  • May stand without support
  • Move from sitting to lying down
  • Sits by falling down
  • Pull to standing position from sitting
  • Walk with two hands held


RED FLAGAs a parent, you are in the ideal position to first identify any problems your child may be having with her motor development – and that’s important, because catching development problems as early as possible offers the best change for improvement. If you notice or are concerned about some of the following things about your baby, you may want to talk to your paediatrician.

  • Your child’s head is flat
  • Your child doesn’t turn his/her head to both side
  • Your child drools and has difficulty eating
  • Your child uses one side of his/her body more than the other
  • Your child’s skills are regressing
  • Your child’s limbs seem stiff
  • Your child’s muscles seem floppy and loose
  • Something appears wrong with your child’s leg or feet
  • Your child has trouble grasping and manipulating objects


I hope the above information are of some use to you. Share it if you think it’s useful!

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