Monkeying at the wet market with my gems

We patronise wet markets on a typical weekend morning . It’s something I love doing because it’s very, hmm, real. They are real, the place, the vibe, the smell, the crowd, they are real. I feel rooted with a great sense of belonging. It feels familiar, warm and close to the heart. They serve good food, often better than those restaurants with winning chefs. The hawkers cherish friendships and share their life stories. Everyone there has a story and everyone there loves telling stories. The market is an interesting place, more interesting than the malls, I assure you.

Besides the good food, the kids get to learn so much from just doing marketing. Maybe I should write a post about kids and marketing, and what they can get out of it! Yea, I should, no?

But today, I just want to share some pictures of my gems monkeying at the market! Again, Sonia had so much fun running and jumping about the spacious court yard (is that what you call that space) behind the market. I wanted to take some nice shots of Arnold too, but he wasn’t any bit interested. He’s more obsessed with food and pictures of food.

Okay, I know her shoes don’t match her dress, but she has outgrown most of her shoes and I need to get her more when I’m free (opss, I think I told hubby that last month). I really need to stop procrastinating.


Arnold’s shirt is a little, ok, very much, too big for him but I wanted my gems to wear matching clothes, so… Again, his shoes don’t match his clothes. I know, I know, but that’s his only pair of shoes for now. I will get the siblings more shoes real soon.

I think Sonia just did her hundredth jump! Seriously.

If you were wondering what Arnold was doing, he was looking at some birds.

After jumping, she went running. Awesome morning workout! I wished I was as energetic!

Kids hair ad model, anyone?

See. I told you. Arnold was interested in only FOOD!

I love my gems!

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Hello! I'm Winnie! First, a wife to my hub, Edmund. Then a mum to my gems, Sonia and Arnold. Together we form WESA. Everything written in this blog space is about us - it's a family affair! Here I share snippets of our everyday kind of life and adventures. I love motherhood, family, children, playdates, travel, parties and simple joy.


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