Mummies’ Baby Talk

When two mummies meet, they baby talk, non-stop!

Just not too long ago, while hub and I were shopping at the mall with our kids, we chanced upon Michelle and baby Chantelle! They just returned from Gold Coast but will be heading back in a couple days, so WE GOT TO CATCH UP before they fly, again.

Baby Chantelle

Baby Chantelle

And we did! I really love meet ups with good ole friends. We used to meet up and talk talk talk when hub and I were still in Brissy, and even more now that we have something in common – CHILDREN! How I wish she lives nearby, better still, next door! Haha… Then we can meet up more often to chat, to bake, to learn, to share, to play, and bring the kids out to explore!

Raising kids is so much fun. There is so much love, our hearts are full! Sometimes many times they get onto our nerves and deprive us of our beauty sleep, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay, as long as my kids are happy and healthy.

There are so much to learn, no matter how old they are, because each time they hit a new milestone, I’m a new mother again. A whole new list of things-to-learn awaits me, and it doesn’t matter if you have one or five kids because every child is different. I teach Sonia and Arnold differently because they learn differently and absorb knowledge at a different pace. I also punish, play and motivate them differently, because they are just – different.

Unlike many parents, I do not place high value on “equality”, which, in the parenting universe, means treating all your children the same. I see it this way:

  • To treat kids respectfully, I need to be aware that they have different needs.
  • Being “equal” doesn’t mean being “fair”. Sometimes, “fair” and “equal” don’t, well, equate. Responding to each child’s need is fair, but not really equal.
  • Being “equal” to two different children, itself is being unfair.

It is hard to be fair every moment of my parenting life but I will try my best to treat my children fairly. A sense of fairness, and a sense of generosity are values I pray my children will have, but only if they see it practiced in their environment, starting from me.


The whole parenting wagon can sometimes be overwhelming but I learn to take things as it comes. At every stage comes new challenges and it is our responsibility to take them up, no matter how tough it may get. For now, I’m potty training Sonia and she has been doing awesome! My goal is – zero accident. No pressure though. She’s still a tod but I’m trying to talk her through. And with Arnold, I’m working on his cycle motor skills (for example, picking and placing his toys in a basket, holding and dragging his mini luggage properly, pointing to pictures in books, put his hat on his head, put six rings on a stick, and the list goes on).

Michelle may have a different set of worries with her five-month-old. But for now, she seems to be enjoying her new role as a mother and I am sooooooooo happy for her!

Just look at baby Chantelle, she’s such a darling! Through her short visit, she didn’t throw a tantrum, didn’t bawl into tears, didn’t scream or even whine. She has such good temper. I can’t wait to see her again already!



Just look at her, she’s already attempting to read! READ & REAP, my dear!

I wished we had more time together!

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