2015 07 07 - WESAplay - Photographic Memory Game

In my previous post on DIY HOME ACTIVITY #1 | PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY, I shared some DIY learning activities that we can do at home at very little cost, or some times, no cost at all. But after a while, my kids got tired of the activities and so I started working on another photographic memory game. It is relatively low cost too.

I’ve created some printables you can download (scroll to the end of the post for printables), so all you need to do is to print them out, cut the objects, and laminate them. You can choose to use velcro tape or not at all. I used it anyway, because, for some reason (I don’t know what) Sonia likes pasting and removing them. I just thought it was practical since the velcro tapes kept the print-outs in place (less messy).

Photographic memory gameYou will need two sets, one for yourself, the other for your child. At Sonia’s Heguru class, her teacher uses a picture of a wardrobe with 4 hangers. I twist it a little and used a house with 6 windows.

Here’s how the game works:

  1. I started with 2 images, and increase it along the way. I pasted Sonia and Arnold on two random windows, show it to her for 10 seconds and flip my card over.
  2. Now she is supposed to paste the two pictures on the correct window.

After I showed her my card for 10 seconds, I covered my card and told her to paste the two images on the correct window.


When she was done, she proudly showed me her ‘answer’.


I’d pass her mine and she did the comparison – “mummy, mine is the same as yours. I correct!”

Try to get your kids involved in every step. They like taking charge! To keep Sonia motivated, we took turns to be the “teacher”.

Sonia was comfortable with 2 images, so we moved on to 3, and 4 images. I realised she started pasting the images on wrong windows at ‘4 images’. She could do 4 images at Heguru but not at home, and I wondered why. It didn’t take long before I realise – in class, she was given 4 spaces and 4 objects; at home, I gave her 6 spaces with 4 objects. She needed to remember which window to fill and which to leave blank. This was more challenging but I felt it was doable. Anyway, I gave her some hints and moved on (I didn’t want to discourage her, she was waiting to paste the entire family on the house).


With some hints, she managed to paste the images on the correct window.


Proudly comparing her card with mine and declared that she had won! “Mummy, see, I win again, Sonia win, mummy lose.”

We eventually moved on to 6 images. By then, she required more hints. Even I find it challenging. I know, there were only 6 images, but after working on the same images so many times, I got confused.

I used pictures of our family because I knew Sonia would be excited to see people she knew in prints. You can do the same or used generic pictures of animals, vehicles or what not. Anything that engages your child, really.

You can do this activity with your child too! It is fun and works their right brain, why not?


Click below for printables:

Memory Game - Who's in the house Objects you can use



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