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So here we are, after 7.5 hours plane ride on SQ279, we arrived safely at Adelaide. We were lucky with the kids – both fell asleep throughout the plane ride so no drama whatsoever. BUT hubby and I just couldn’t sleep. -_-

All of us looked like zombies while the kids looked super FRESH! I know, we asked for it, but we just couldn’t. The seats were uncomfortable, it was freezing cold, ya~dah~ya~dah~ we just couldn’t get to sleep! No one to blame, it’s just us. So finding the right apartment is of vital importance! We needed our rest and rest time is very precious to us (try looking after 2 toddlers).

So here, we begin our ten days vacation at Adelaide.


As soon as we were done with custom checks at the Adelaide Airport, hub collected our rented vehicle. We were VERY kiasu (we planned for this trip months back), five months before the trip! We did some “homework”, decided on which company to rent the car from, and the type of car. After much “research”, hub decided upon AVIS car rental. Why? Because price was reasonable, and more importantly, C.O.N.V.E.N.I.E.N.T! We tried East Coast Car Rental on our previous trips to Adelaide but we really didn’t like having to travel to another location on a mini-bus with so many baggages (plus kids) to collect the car. It was highly inconvenient but I must say, they were a tad bit cheaper than AVIS. If it was just hub and I, we wouldn’t have any issues with East Coast Car Rental, but with the kids, it was too much trouble.

I max

We rented a black Hyundai I Max, big enough to fit four adults, 2 car seats, 1 stroller, 5 baggages, and 1 soft bag. It worked for us!


  1. Click here.
  2. Make a booking. You will need to give your credit card details but rest assure no amount will be deducted until you collect your vehicle at the airport.
  3. When you reach the airport, go to the Avis counter inside the airport. They will verify your details against your Singapore driving licence. So be sure to bring your Singapore driving licence.
  4. Sign a car rental agreement.
  5. Make full payment.
  6. Avis staff will pass you the GPS and tell you your car park lot number.
  7. You collect your rented car at the designated area. Car key is placed at the car initiator.
  8. Viola, you are good to go.


  1. Drive the car back to the same car park, find a random lot, park the car.
  2. Pass the car key and GPS to the Avis staff at the small office in the car park.
  3. Make sure your tank is full before returning the car otherwise they will charge you for petrol based on their rate.
  4. Before you leave, they will pass you a receipt. Now you are good to catch your flight back home, or to your next destination.


henley beach

Of course there are heaps of options when it comes to accommodation. And it really depends on your budget. We needed a three bedroom apartment – one for the in-laws, one for us, and another for my brother-in-law when he came to visit over the weekends. And so we kept our focus on a 3-bedder. Initially, we tried looking for a landed property because the kids really liked the BIG HOUSE we stayed at Perth early this year but none fit the bill. So we started looking at apartments.


Here are our basic requirements:

  • Min. 3 bedrooms
  • Min. 2 bathrooms
  • Safe neighbourhood
  • In-built heater (hello, it’s winter)
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Carpark lot


Of course, it would be nice if the apartment is new, well furnished with a modern touch, highly secured, carpeted, fully equipped with kitchen utensils, has a balcony, a supermarket nearby, not too far from city yet near the beach. And WE FOUND IT! It took us a week browsing the web for somewhere this nice but you don’t have to go through the same pain. We love sharing good things and here’s the link – click here.


This stunning apartment over looks Henley Beach at Seaview Road. There was a supermarket just downstair (IGA Foodland) so needless to say, it was VERY convenient. If we were short of some eggs, bread, milk powder, or anything at all, it was only a few steps away, literally.

We were given a personal car park lot so there was no need to look for one every evening when we returned to the apartment.

This place is not as big as the house we stayed at Perth but the kids had ample space to run about and bump around.



Hubby’s favourite thing in the apartment was the coffee machine. He wasn’t an avid coffee drinker but he loves playing with the machine.


It wasn’t the right way to play a trumpet but Arnold had fun blowing through the horn.


Sonia sharing her biscuit with Arnold. So sweet!


I really love this blue dress (gift from Terence & Michelle). It came just in time for winter! Thanks, dearies!


Arnold fooling around…

When we were at the apartment, the kids always hung about at the living room and looked out at the balcony. When it wasn’t too windy, we took them out to enjoy the scenic view (minus the construction site). I think they were building a car park. Thankfully it wasn’t noisy at all (besides, they knock off early).


At the balcony! The construction site was such a SPOILER -_-

Hubby’s favourite thing in the apartment was the coffee machine. He wasn’t an avid coffee drinker but he loves playing with the machine.


On any trip to any country, we always do our research on car rental and accommodation, compare prices and make reservations way before our trip. When you are traveling with kids, the last thing you want happening is hiccup.

Next I’ll share with you awesome places for breakfast in Adelaide! Stay tune!

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