A broken nose, almost


I know, my title and cover image don’t quite link, but trust me, you will see the ‘link’ by the time you reach the end of my post.

As the title reads “A broken nose, almost”, and I believe a picture speaks a thousand words. I wouldn’t mind showing you a picture of my raw wound but that would probably freak you out and cause unnecessary indigestion, so I would be nice and save you the agony. Here’s my already fixed and cleaned up wound.

wdc 1


“WHAT HAPPENED?????????”

I answered that a hundred times since I knocked my nose and here’s my story…

It was just an ordinary day. Sonia was in school and Arnold was taking his nap. I decided to take some pictures of my new purchase from Taobao via Skycart, and so, laid them nicely on the floor.

Just a little background of how my cabinet looked like so you would have an idea how I might have knocked my nose onto the edge of the cabinet. There were three big drawers at the bottom where I store my kids clothes; and above the big drawers were cupboards with doors that swing outward.

Ok, back to my story. I was happily snapping pictures of my newly arrived loots when I decided to stand up, not knowing that the cabinet door above me was open, and with such force, I accidentally slammed my face onto the edge of the cabinet door. To be exact, the bridge of my nose. I was alone in my room, in pain, but I never thought it might be that serious. Perhaps a bruise on my face, or for the least, that was what I thought. I squat on the floor holding onto the bridge of my nose, still in pain, but more concern of how my bruise (or so I thought it was only a bruise then) looked. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I saw my reflection ever so clearly. My cheeks were covered with blood, my fingers too, and then suddenly there wasn’t anymore pain. I was numbed with consternation. I was bleeding, badly! What should I do?

I stood rooted to the ground, in fear. I was afraid to look at myself but I had to. I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to clean up my face, take a piece of cloth and place pressure onto the bridge of my nose. I needed to stop the bleeding and go straight to a doctor. But knowing is one thing, and doing is another. I was in a state of shock! But thankfully, I managed to calm down quickly, press a piece of tissue on my nose bridge while cleaning off the dripping blood.

I grabbed my car key, wallet, handphone, and a few packets of tissue, threw them in my handbag and walked out of my room. “Drive, or not”, I couldn’t decide. It would be so much more convenient to drive but I was feeling a little dizzy and later decided to call for a cab. As soon as our helpers saw blood on my face, they pounced on me with questions and concerns, “Winnie, what happened, pain, pain? You knocked yourself? Where did you knock?”. It’s really nice to have someone with you at home and I really appreciate their care and concerns. Not really painful, actually. I was still trying to contain myself and digest how did all of these happened. “Confused” might be a better adjective. Anyway, our helper, Lyn accompanied me to the clinic while Jo helped to look after Arnold, and the rest were history.


After so many hours, and so much pain and five stitches, I was bandaged and sent to a room where I was asked to stay for a night for observation. I didn’t even have to stay in the hospital after giving birth to Sonia and Arnold and I had to be admitted because I knocked onto my nose? It was a long long night and I missed my bed.

The next day…

nose recovering

I was feeling much better and more importantly, I looked less intimidating. When Sonia saw me with the bandage and tapes on, she was frightened and wouldn’t allow me to carry her. Boy, I was heartbroken.

For the next four days, I had this plaster on until it was time to remove the stitches. I must say that the plastic surgeon did a really good job!


A full recovery will take  approximately six months and during this entire period, I was asked to avoid the sun entirely. If I must be out there, put on a hat and carry an umbrella. And because my wound is still kind of raw, I am VERY particular about the products I use on my face. It has to be alcohol-free, light and be as neutral as possible. If it stings, it’s too harsh for my skin. So just recently, I tried CLARINS toning lotion with camomile.


I wouldn’t have switched facial products if not for my wound but I was pleasantly pleased with Clarins toning lotion. This product is like a toner/lotion blend. After using the toner, I feel like I do not need to moisturise my face but I still do, of course. Despite having just removed five stitches on my nose, Clarins toning lotion was gentle on my skin. I didn’t feel a sting or any discomfort to begin with. Plus, it is a alcohol-free toner – that means it won’t leave my skin dry. Don’t be mislead by the word “lotion” as printed on the bottle. This toner is as fluid as water and has a soft herbal-floral scent. It smells good, feels light, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. If I can only use one word to describe my new found product, it has to be “refreshing”. I totally love the smell of Camomile and how soothing it is for the skin.

You can buy this product from XIAOMEI, or really, any products that you think suit your skin type. They have a range of products under their belt (mainly beauty products and fragrance), and everything is going at a discounted price.

Include LOVEWESA in the seller memo when you buy from XIAOMEI and you will be entitled to a free Ralph Lauren Tote Bag. Mummies will love this bag!!! I bring this out so often because it’s big enough to fit so much!

Front view

Front view


Side view

Side view

Here’re what I have in my tote today:

What's in the bag

These are what I usually bring with me if I’m going out for say 2 to 3 hours. I always feed my kids before I leave home so there will be lesser things to bring along. For me, storybooks, notebook and markers are a MUST. They keep my children entertained and keep me sane. For now, Arnold loves trucks and Sonia loves her Little Miss series.

Enjoy shopping, folks! Good things must share!!! Don’t forget to check out XIAOMEI’s bargains!

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