Smelling good is important too

CK Encounter Fresh Lovewesa

So recently, my man smells really good every morning! He changed his cologne (after a long time); still using Calvin Klein but a different fragrance. This feels very clean, fresh, aromatic and sunshine! It makes him look bright and happier.

Now the question – WHY. THE. SUDDEN. CHANGE?

What is he up to? Who is he trying to charm? Is there something I need to know? Any new friends in his list? Yah dah~ yah dah~yah dah~

I would probably be drowning him with a million questions if this bottle of perfume didn’t come from ME. Haha! Got you!



In today’s world, grooming for men has assumed great importance. The modern man is expected to be presentable at all times and these expectations are more important for the working man. Clean clothes, minimal accessories, and good hygiene are just some of the basic parameters to follow. One of the most important accessories for a man is good fragrance. And I have gotten him just what he needed – CALVIN KLEIN Encounter Fresh.

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I’m not a fan of evocative, overly heavy wood fragrance or spicy musk, neither does he. We like smelling fresh and the Encounter Fresh introduced in 2013, as it’s name suggested, is FRESH smelling. It has a very nice opening fragrance. It moves in a refreshing, woody aromatic tone, starting with opening notes of bergamot, matched with a Mojito accord that develops into an exciting and unexpected engagement of the heart with cardamom, rum and lavender that finally meet a dry down of aromatic resin of citrus leaves. I really love the citrus fragrance! This make a great scent for the summer. Perfect to use in our all-year-round-summer country, Singapore. You just can’t go wrong with this cologne.

lovewesa - calvin-klein-encounter-fresh_1

Scent notes of Encounter Fresh Calvin Klein include top notes of mojito cocktail, citrus bergamia, middle notes of sugarcane alcohol, lavender, green cardamom and base notes of labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood.

Projection – 2 hours
Longevity – 4-5 hours

CK Encounter Fresh makes me feel _____

I asked hub to complete this sentence, “CALVIN KLEIN Encounter Fresh makes me feel ___________.”

He thought for a good one minute and answered “fresh”.

You can tell, he’s not very creative with his answer but definitely honest. Well, they name this the ‘Encounter Fresh’ for a reason, no?



This makes an awesome gift for your boyfriend, husband, partner, brother, or father. And really, you don’t need a festive or reason to buy HIM a gift. A little thought goes a long way. And of course, not everyone will like the smell of CK Encounter Fresh like we do. For example, my dad wouldn’t like something this light and airy. He would prefer something heavier, with a woody aromatic fragrance for men. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. But don’t you worry, XIAOMEI has a range of fragrance and I’m sure something there will be something your man likes. Happy shopping!

Do you know, shopping can chase the blues away? Now you know. So start shopping now! Smelling good is important too!

Include LOVEWESA in the seller memo when you buy from XIAOMEI and you will be entitled to a FREE Ralph Lauren Tote Bag.


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