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I was happily baking with Sonia, and that’s when something really dangerous almost happened. Nope, nothing happened to Sonia or myself. It was Arnold.


While Sonia and I were mixing the batter, Arnold was playing with Lego at the living room. I wasn’t sure when but he actually walked pass us without us noticing and sneaked into the kitchen. Just so you know, the oven was running at 170°C.  I could not imagine what would happen if my helper wasn’t there to carry him away from that hot box. And that was a warning for me.

There are many times, we, parents, cannot be watching our children every second of the day. You might need to go to the loo, or do the laundry, iron some clothes, clear the thrash, wipe the table, clean up their mess, and the list goes on. Sometimes we leave our children to play while we multitask and work on something else. You might think “it’s only for a few minutes” but a few minutes is a long time and you never know what might happen in those few minutes (or even seconds).

That was when hubby and I decided, we needed a PLAY YARD in our living hall. We did consider buying a playpen but it was too small for both Sonia and Arnold to play in it. So I started researching on the different types of Play Yards available in the market. To my surprise, they cost pretty much the same as a playpen. I am expecting a Play Yard to be dearer since it is much bigger and sturdier and literally uses more materials to build. Well, I was happy to learn that I was wrong. Now I can make my money worthwhile, make my kids happy and more importantly, keep them safe! Triple-Win!

It wasn’t difficult to make a choice. As long as my children are concerned, the make and quality of the Play Yard comes first. I’m sure most parents share the same sentiments.

After much research, I’ve decided to get the nihon ikuji Musical Play Yard.

6 sided - Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

Table - Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard


  • This nihon ikuji Musical Play Yard emerged as the No. 1 Best Selling Play Yard brand at the recent biggest baby fair in Southeast Asia held at Expo just in October. There must be good reasons why they rank No. 1. I can’t speak for other mummies but I can share my two-cent worth review on the Play Yard.
  • When I received the “boxes”, I was pleasantly pleased. They were clean and totally undamaged (not a dent).
    Nihon Ikuji Musical Play YardAnd better still, each panel is individually packed in plastic sleeves. Again, not a single blemish on the play yard. I’m impressed!
  • Last but not least, a fun fact – The correct way of spelling “nihon ikuji” is with small caps “n” and “i”. Very unique, no?



Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard



#1 Reading Corner

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

Sonia loves reading books, especially the “Mr Men & Little Miss” series and Disney stories. And I like what a good influence Sonia is on her little brother. Just recently, I saw Arnold picking his Tractor book from the book shelf. That’s a good start for a 20-month-old. He would mimic jiejie, sit with her and flip through the books! For now, Arnold’s favourites are books with pictures of animals and vehicles. I can leave them in the Play Yard with a stack of books for at least 30 minutes! For me, that’s an achievement! More importantly, I know they are safe, not anywhere near my oven or pulling the T.V. console down.

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

And because a the Play Yard is much bigger and sturdier than a playpen, I can join in and be there with them. I can sit in the Play Yard with Sonia and Arnold and read them a book.


#2 Play Area

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

So sometimes, the kids just want to play with toys! Nothing new. All kids love playing toys.

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

You know, kids can create a HUGE mess but the Play Yard has helped to contain the mess. It makes packing up much much easier for them. Yes, for them, not me. Because I make them keep their toys after playing. Cultivate good habits from young (as young as 1 year old) because these habits will stick through even when they are grown ups.

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

If you are hosting a playdate and needed a larger Play Yard, fret not. You can purchase add-on panels to increase play area and still keep them safe within the ‘fence’. When you do not need such a big Play Yard, just dissemble the panels and keep them in your storeroom. They are very compact and easy to store.

#3 Ball Pit

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

You know how kids always go crazy when they see a pool of balls? My kids go hysterical when they see balls!

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

Remember this very overly used phase “Kids learn better through play”? Indeed. So I take every opportunity to teach my kids while playing. Surrounded with so many coloured balls, I took it on myself to teach them colours. Just throw in the multi-coloured balls in the Play Yard and place one basket/pail/container outside the Play Yard. Go through the colours with them in both English and Mandarin; then pick just one colour ball, for example, blue; and tell them to place all the blue balls into the basket. After picking so many blue balls, I’m almost sure your children will recognise the colour “blue”. Do this for the rest of the colours!

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

We also play Treasure Hunting with the pool of balls. First, I hide a “treasure” into the pool of balls. It could be a toy car, a water bottle, a packet of biscuit, or really, anything at all. Then throw both my kids into the Play Yard and have them find the “treasure”. It brings them great satisfaction being able to “find the treasure”. If your child is older, you can ask him to spell the “word” before allowing him to add that item into his treasure collection.

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard


#4 Sleeping Corner

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

No, I’m not kidding. You can turn the Play Yard into a sleeping corner by just turning off the light, and throwing in a small mattress, your child’s pillow, bolster, and blanket. Your kids can take their afternoon nap there while you do the laundry and iron the clothes.

Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

It’s very open; you can see them and they can see you when they wake up.



You can purchase their Play Yard online at http://playyardandplaymat.com.sg/.

Prices are competitive, they provide excellent service and delivery is fast!


Price Service Delivery





And to top that off, PREMIUM BABY HUB is offering a 10% discount off all items on his online store. That is a 10% off the already discounted price on his online store! All you need to do is to key in the Promo Code: LovewesaNihonikuji upon checkout. Easy peasy!



Baby Fair In The West 2015

PREMIUM BABY HUB specialises in bringing premium baby products and has established presence across South East Asia; namely Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, since 2007. They have participated in countless Baby Fair but THIS is the first baby fair that’s held in the West end of Singapore. Those living in the West now need not travel all the way to the East for the Expo Baby Fairs. There’s one just around the corner.

DATE: 13 to 15 November 2015 (Fri to Sun)

TIME: 11 am to 8 pm
VENUE: BIG BOX, Jurong Exhibition Hall, Level 3, 1 Venture Ave, (S) 608521

Get ready to grab all your pregnancy and newborn essentials at the BABY LAND FAIR. Diapers, milk powder, strollers, cots, playpens, car seats, pumps and more! Not forgetting the nihon ikuji Musical Play Yard! Check out the Play Yard and Play Mat booth at the fair!!! You can see it, feel it, touch it, compare it and be impressed!

It is the BEST QUALITY plastic Play Yard and the only one you ever need!

Do check out their newly launched Facebook Page!



GIVEAWAY CONTEST - Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

LOVEWESA has an exciting GIVEAWAY for you today with PREMIUM BABY HUB! We’ve teamed up with them to giveaway a nihon ikuji 4 Panels Play Yard (worth SGD 269) to one of you! Mine (6-sided Play Yard) have served me well and both my kids love playtime, reading time, ball time, and napping time, all in their Play Yard. We use it a lot these days and I’ve managed to keep them out of my kitchen. You have no idea how hazardous it is to have kids in the kitchen (no pun intended).


  1. “LIKE” Play Yard and Play Mat & LOVEWESA Facebook Page
  2. “TAG” at least 2 friends
  3. And tell us why you will like to have a nihon ikuji Musical Play Yard

Giveaway Contest ends 30 November 2015.



  1. One entry per person, but you can increase your chances of winning by submitting a Blog and Facebook entry. That means each person can have a maximum of 2 chances!
  2. Giveaway Contest ends 30 November 2015 at 2359 hrs.
  3. The nihon ikuji Musical Play Yard will be delivered to the winner’s residence.
  4. Winner must respond to private messages within 48 hours or new winner will be drawn.
  5. Contest is opened to residents of Singapore only.
  6. All shared posts must be made public so that we can see your entires.

Good luck, people!

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