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2015 11 23 - WESA Bakery - Pandan Cake


One year ago, I started baking and haven’t stopped since. I love baking and my three-year-old daughter naturally takes after me! She can handle basic pouring, stirring, sieving, mixing, folding, and even separating egg yolks from the egg whites. This weekend, we want to share with you our ALL TIME FAVOURITE – PANDAN CAKE!

pandan cake

It’s so soft and fluffy, slightly charred on the outside and moist on the inside. It isn’t too sweet and we used only freshly squeezed pandan extract and coconut milk. Suitable for the young and old. In fact, I seriously think it tastes better than the famous Bengawan Solo Pandan Cake. Hey, I’m not boasting! I did a survey.

I had my Homemade Pandan Cake cut into cubes and placed it on a white plate (I call my kitchen the “WESA BAKERY”). Then I had the famous Bengawan Solo Pandan Cake, also cut into cubes, placed on a white plate. Next, 10 people tried both cakes and the results…


Yeah! We won!

My family loves the pandan cake we baked and we will carry on working on different recipes, perfecting them, and sharing them with you! Good things must share, no?

Here’s my version of HOMEMADE PANDAN CAKE! I’ve tried various recipes, tweaked and changed a little here and a little there and finally gotten THIS. It was hard work. And you are lucky, because now you don’t have to go through the same heartache as I did.





Don’t doubt your toddlers’ ability to work in the kitchen. They are very capable of baking a cake (of course with some assistance). You wouldn’t want them anywhere near the oven though. So what are we waiting for, let’s start B.A.K.I.N.G!


Sonia’s first task was to separate 7 egg yolks from the egg whites. Don’t crack all 7 eggs in one bowl and have your child separate the egg yolks because once one egg yolk breaks, the entire bowl of egg white is wasted.


Egg yolks contain fat. Even a speck of yolk can prevent a bowl of egg whites from whipping properly, so if some yolk winds up in your whites, you should discard the contents of the bowl, wash it scrupulously, and start again. To prevent waste and bother, separate your eggs one at a time in a small bowl, transferring each successfully separated whites to a larger mixing bowl as you go. This way, you won’t waste the entire bowl of eggs.


She’s not always perfect. Sometimes she breaks an egg yolk or two and we have to do it all over again. Wash her hands, scrub the bowl, get a new egg and do it again. But don’t blame or reprimand your child, she’s still learning. Encourage her. Trust me, encouragement does much more than scolding.


This time round…

She did it!


Now, combine egg yolks, coconut milk, pandan extract and pandan paste (optional) in a mixing bowl.


It should look something like ‘this’. Whisk the mixture till they are well combined. She shuffled using her right hand, then left because, as she puts it “mummy, my hands are very tired you know; not easy”, combined with a frown as she shook her head. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.


“What are you doing?” I exclaimed.
She replied “mummy, I’m smelling the pandan. Can you smell the nice nice smell? Mmmm… my cake will taste so good, better than my school’s pandan cake.”


Next, she sifted the flour, baking powder and salt into the same mixing bowl. I bought this cup style flour sifter instead of the traditional type because it’s more manageable for kids. We want to minimise the mess, don’t we?

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After combining the flour to the mixture, add caster sugar in the same mixing bowl.


Mix until well combined.


Add in the oil and whisk again. After whisking for so long…


“Mummy, my arms are so tired. I need a break. But you don’t touch my cake, okie. I will do it all by myself” said Sonia.


Then she pretended to close her eyes and said she needed to catch a wink but was awake in less than 3 seconds. Such a drama queen.


We are almost there…


While Sonia work on whisking her mixture, I beat egg whites, cream of tar tar and sugar together till forms firm peaks.


Here’s how my egg whites look like! Beautiful!


Slowly fold 1/3 of the egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture. After which, pour the entire egg yolk mixture into the egg white mixture and mix thoroughly. When all is done, pour into an Angel Cake Pan.

pandan cake

We used an 8-inch Angel Cake Pan. Bottom measures 8-inch, top measures about 9-inch. It’s the perfect size for our family. Each time we bake a Pandan Cake, it’s gone in two days. On the day we baked the pandan cake, 3/4 of the cake is gone. The remaining 1/4 slice of the cake is finished the next morning.

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pandan cake

This recipe is definitely a keeper. We get a tall and mighty pandan cake every single time we use this recipe and it promises a soft and fluffy, moist yet not oily, tasty yet not too sweet, light and yummy cake! I’m not exaggerating any bit. Bake it and try it!



And before I forget, here are some tips and tricks I learned along the way. Read this before you bake to save yourself heartaches.

  • Do not use non-stick pan. The cake will sink and not expand as it should. Use only traditional aluminum Angel Cake Pans.
  • Make your own pandan extract from fresh pandan leaves. Pandan essence doesn’t taste half as good.
  • I used 55g eggs. Tried using 65g eggs and failed. Yes, egg size matters. If you only have 65g eggs, you may want to use 6 eggs instead of 7.
  • Use a CLEAN bowl when beating egg whites. Oil on the surface of an improperly cleaned bowl will corrupt an egg white foam, coating the proteins and inhibiting their ability to link up with each other to firm the flexible web needed to trap air bubbles.
  • Throw the entire bowl of egg whites if you accidentally spill a little bit of yolk into your whites before whipping. Egg yolks contain fat. Even a speck of yolk can prevent a bowl of egg whites from whipping properly, so if some yolk winds up in your whites, you should discard the contents of the bowl, wash it scrupulously, and start again. To prevent waste and bother, separate your eggs one at a time in a small bowl, transferring each successfully separated whites to a larger mixing bowl as you go. This way, you won’t waste the entire bowl of eggs.
  • Use room-temperature eggs. They whip up better than cold ones. The coiled proteins in egg whites will relax slightly as they warm up, so that whipping them will take lesser time.
  • Whip the whites by themselves at least until they reach a foamy, almost soft peak stage before adding sugar. (Reason being the sugar will slow down the incorporation of air into the mixture.)
  • Use cake flour, not all-purpose-flour. Different types of flour have different amounts of protein. Protein provides strength and structure to baked goods. In general, cake flour has between 7.5% and 9% protein, and all-purpose-flour has a protein content of about 12%. Low-protein cake flour will give the cake a soft and tender crumb. All-purpose-flour will result in a tougher cake. It’s good for baking cookies though, since it gives them a nice shape.

Baking is science.

I wish you success in baking your pandan cake! Good luck!

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Reply August 16, 2017

Hi! Just wanted to say that both your cake and your photos look absolutely amazing :) I can't wait to try your recipe! Just confirming, 55g eggs are those that are labelled 55g on the package, right? Thanks!

    Reply September 6, 2017

    Hi Melissa, I'm sorry... not sure how I missed this comment, but yes, they are those that are labelled 55g on the package.

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