KnocKnocK Laundry Service

People outsource house cleaning, window washing, lawn care, carpet cleaning, and other tasks that they don’t have time for, don’t know how to do, or simply don’t want to do it. These are common trends because we have better things to do. It’s funny that not many people consider daily/weekly laundry services until they actually try out their service and end up loving it!

In most family, both parents have a job, and by the time they knock off from work, they have little time left to nurture their children. Would you rather spend your time bonding and engaging in some activities with your kids (reading a book, abstract painting, playing with bubbles, splashing water by the pool, taking a walk, going to an outdoor playground, baking some cupcakes, etc.), or do the laundry? I choose the former.

KnocKnocK Laundry Service

Well, I have a domestic helper at home to help me out with the housework and of course, that includes taking care of our laundry. But not everyone has a helper at home. Some might not like the idea of staying with a total stranger, some might not have a spare room to house one, and that’s up to individual. Even if you have a helper at home, she might not have the experience to handle certain fabric properly, or we might not have the right chemical/machines to cleanse premium fabric. I’m sure you wouldn’t risk washing a SGD 400 worth silk dress on your own; let not to say to leave it in the hands of your helper. I don’t even trust myself to do that. I send them to the experts for dry cleaning.

What about your thick and bulky winter wear after your two-week vacation to Japan? And the many sets of long john, heatech inner wears and pullovers? That’s a nightmare!

KnocKnocK Laundry Service

You just enjoyed two-weeks in that beautiful country and now you are about to spend the next two-week slogging at home, doing the laundry? I would rather call for a laundry pick-up service and maintain sanity at home. When you are over loaded and overworked, you get frustrated at the slightly unintentional insensitive remark from anyone. And when your temper is running high, you often say and do things that you might regret after the saga. So why do this to your family? Get help when you need to. Nothing beats having a harmonious and peaceful family.

So yea, I use laundry services quite a bit because most of my dresses need to be dry cleaned. And I have been patronising the ones at the malls, paying double the price for the same service I could have gotten from KnocKnocK (The Laundry And Dry Cleaning To Your Door). Then, I was paying more for more inconvenience!

  1. First, I had to drive to the mall.
  2. Find a carpark lot (it can be very daunting).
  3. Pay carpark fee.
  4. Deliver my clothes to the laundry shop and wait for an invoice.
  5. Pay cash and wait for my change (they accept cash only).
  6. I had to keep that piece of invoice for collection a week later; most of the time, they took more than a week. If I lose that piece of invoice, they will take a long time to find my clothes. (I already have enough receipts/paper I had to keep, another one is not welcomed.)
  7. When my clothes are due for collection, I had to drive to the mall again and find a carpark lot.
  8. Pay carpark fee.
  9. Wait at counter while they fetch my clothes and lug them home.

For years I had been doing that until hub introduced me to KnocKnocK. Well, he did that to save himself from a hole in his pocket, no? Haha…




KnocKnocK is modern, advance, easy and simple to use. Unless you are a caveman, you will find it a breeze to use either KnocKnocK’s website or mobile app (Google Play / App Store). When my mother-in-law saw how easy it was to use KnocKnocK, she got me to teach her how to use the KnocKnocK app too!

KnocKnocK Laundry Service





KnocKnocK Laundry Service


KnocKnocK Laundry Service




I tried KnocKnocK Laundry Services for the first time last week, and I am an immediate fan. Most of my dresses, and hub’s jackets, need to be dry cleaned. And of course, we needed some help with bigger loads such as our bed sheets and curtains. For a long time, I sent my dirty laundry to those laundry shops at nearby malls and I really dreaded every trip there. Like I’ve previously mentioned, they are expensive, troublesome, and most importantly inconvenient!

So one day, hub told me about this KnocKnocK Laundry Company, and I thought, “why not”? I wasn’t pleased with any of the laundry services I’d been getting for years. No harm trying a new company and the rest were history. I will never patronise any other laundry shops, other than KnocKnocK, again.

One day, I went online to schedule a 11am pick-up from KnocKnocK, and they arrived promptly at my doorstep. Very punctual, I like! The KnocKnocK rider informed me that my laundry will be done in 5 working days and to have a great day.

The next day, I received an e-invoice in my mail box. I could could pay online! Yeah! This really save time and trouble of finding loose change. I could either pay per order or top-up KnocKnock Credits. I chose the latter because I knew I will keep going back and it’s easier that way (it’s like using an ez link card, just that I don’t even need a physical card). Awesome, right! On the fourth day, I received a SMS notification saying that my laundry is done. Immediately, I opened my KnocKnocK app to choose my preferred delivery date and time. And as promised, my laundry came back on the 5th day, nicely hanged and wrapped in clear plastics, looking good! Our clothes were immaculate.

KnocKnocK Laundry Service

KnocKnocK is an A+++++++++ business and service. They were prompt, courteous, easy to work with and worth every cent. I’ll definitely be using their service again, soon, and you should, too!

Just so you know, you can choose to use their express service which promise to return your clothes in 2 days (with a small additional cost) but I wasn’t in a rush, so I was good waiting 5 days.





KnocKnocK Laundry Services are MUCH cheaper than their competitors. I haven’t chanced upon any cheaper alternative! Besides, they provide FREE pick-up and delivery services (with a minimum order of only SGD 20).


If you outsource laundry services from KnocKnocK, they will take care of the entire process, from collection, cleaning, and delivery. All you have to do is to go online or open your mobile app, choose the type of services you required, and specify your laundry pickup date and time, and let the Company do the donkey work. No more trips to the laundry shop. No more keeping unnecessary invoice slips. No more hassle, really. You can better spend your time with your family, be it your spouse, children, or folks. Easy peasy!


KnocKnocK picks your laundry and return it to you within 48 hours. That’s quicker than most laundry shop at the malls and they charge a fraction of the cost. The prices goes even lower if you can wait for 5 days. That’s not a problem for me! I can wait 5 days. You know, it only cost me SGD 6.90 to dry clean my dress! Tell me, where can you get better deals?


Try doing the math. After adding the cost of purchasing a high quality washer and dryer, the cost of running your washer and dryer, the cost of laundry detergent, and the cost of your time to do the laundry, plus ironing (what I detest doing most), you might realise that outsourcing your laundry to KnocKnocK is more economical.


The clothes always come back in pristine condition. Always. They are always nicely pressed/folded/hanged, the way I like!




I’m certain most Singaporeans (or people living in Singapore) like myself use laundry services several times a year, or maybe on a more regular basis. I know of some friends who actually use laundry services on a daily basis, and they are locals, not expats! The “5 BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING LAUNDRY TO KnocKnocK” pretty much came from them!

So I’m quite confident that what I’m about to share now will benefit all readers reading LOVEWESA .


Above the already low prices, KnocKnocK will be giving a SGD 3 discount rebate to all new and existing customer (minimum order of SGD 20).

KnocKnocK Laundry Service Promo code


All you need to do is to enter this promo code upon checkout <<KnocKnocKlovewesa>>. Promotion ends 31 May 2016. Limit to one time use per customer. Promo code is available only on KnocKnocK website –>> CLICK HERE.

If you haven’t already heard of KnocKnocK, try now and love it!

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