Benefits of Arts to Kids

Benefits of painting


Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, acting, singing, making music… And I am really glad that Learning Vision appreciate the importance of art in building a kids’ brain because there are so many benefits of arts to kids. Both Sonia and Arnold do lots of crafting, drawing, cutting, pasting and painting in school, and most importantly, they love it!

Benefits of painting

At home, our little artists paint a lot too, at least once a week! Most of the time, I let them go freestyle. No lines, no boxes, no rules.

Benefits of painting

To me, the process is more important than the product. But there are times, Sonia will request to paint a “princess” for example, and Arnold will request to paint a “lion” or an “elephant” (depending on his mood). Whatever their choice of painting subject, be it abstract painting or object painting, I refrain from offering too much help. We need to learn to have faith in their art work and tell them so, accept their creative products without placing a value judgment on the artwork. These help them to build self-confidence!

Sonia and Arnold love painting so much! Something about painting on an easel makes them super excited!

Benefits of painting

Actually, I thought that’s a better option too. Unlike painting on a table, they need not reach to dip paintbrushes, and that means no tipping over of paint pots! Less mess and clearing up for me! Unfortunately, we only have one easel, so my kids need to take turns to paint. Both wants to paint on an easel stand!

Benefits of painting

Here’s Arnold waiting patiently for his turn!

Benefits of painting

And then, not so patient now!

Benefits of painting

Jiejie saw how eager Arnold wanted to paint, she gave up her turn! I was actually very impressed with her! Well done, jiejie! And so we spent our afternoon, painting, sheets after sheets.



Benefits of painting


Painting allows children to express their creativity and have fun! Researchers from the Michigan State University have found a very strong correlation between childhood engagement in the creative arts and measurable success later in life. Children who were exposed to a wide variety of arts and crafts were more likely to create unique inventions that is worthy of patents, come up with ideas good enough to start a new company, or publish provocative papers on science and technology. The researchers suggest that children exposed to arts and crafts are able to think “out of the box” since a lot of working with hands involve figuring out how to solve problems creatively. After studying many scientists Co-authors Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein reached this conclusion: “The most eminent and innovative among them are significantly more likely to engage in arts and crafts avocations” than the average Joe.

Impressed? There are MORE benefits of arts to kids!



Benefits of painting


Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. They learn to express themselves more deeply through their art and their words. They develop critical-thinking skills and must make decisions about what works and what doesn’t on their own. They also learn to observe and describe, analyse and interpret.


Splashing pain across a canvas is fun! It’s a past time children can take part in that’s both constructive and enjoyable. And when someone sees their artwork, they’ll gain immeasurable joy from seeing people’s reactions.


By learning to paint, children gain a skill which they can be proud of. Arts build confidence because there is not just one right way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creation.


Children have stress too! There are times when they feel troubled too and painting provides a sanctuary for children. When they are stressed, they can turn to painting to lose themselves in the brush strokes. The act of creating provides a soothing place for them to turn to, and the feeling of accomplishment from completing a project can help replace negative feelings about other things. It can act as a type of therapy, helping to bring out their feelings through painting.


Responding to and encouraging children’s painting is important. See if the invitation is open for conversation first. A good way to start may be to describe what you see, “Sonia, your painting has many long horizontal lines and pink patches”. Wait to see if your child responds; she may want to share more with you or just return to her painting. Interrupting may interfere with the painting process. When they child seems ready to share, ask provoking questions, for example, “What other colour might you use?”, “This part of your paper is blank, is there something you want to paint here?”, “What are you going to do with your painting when it’s done?”.



REMEMBER, there are no rules when it comes to painting. There is no determined product, just a process. Hmm… ok, I take back my words; perhaps, one rule – no painting on the walls. Other than that, I’m pretty cool with Sonia and Arnold painting on papers, canvas, toilet rolls, carton boxes, ice-cream sticks or what not. I used washable paint, so I’m not too worried if they stained the easel stand, table or chair, but I cannot handle dirty walls!

If the weather is good, we just go outdoor (usually to our roof terrace)! There, they can really go freestyle because washing up is a piece of cake! No sweat!

Enjoy painting with your kids!


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