So I turned 30.  And nothing devastating happened. No crow feet appearing at the corner of my eyes. I didn’t suddenly put on 5kg. I was (still is) Winnie Diora Chew. Of course, along the years, my muscles turned to flab but that wasn’t because I turned 30; that was because I was lazy (opss)! That was why I took up pilates classes!

I’ve lived and breathed for 30 years and am loving every bit of my life! #embracing30




Here are things I set out to do!

Over the years, I learned about embracing the life I have. It’s easy to compare and I always do (I’d be lying if I tell you I never compare and I’m sure you compare too; everyone compares. Human nature, I guess?) And, it absolutely robs me. It’s so easy to think how easy his/her life is, no matter who that “him/her” is. Just log on to your FB or Instagram and see those people having a successful, happy and blissful life; traveling half around the world, leading the high and mighty life. Don’t tell me you never wish that was you. But I’m on a mission to kill comparison in my life. That’s just not healthy.


Saying so, don’t get me wrong; I’m happy with my life. Married to the love of my life, with two healthy and witty kids, supportive parents, caring and super thoughtful in-laws, and a bunch of irritating yet adorable brothers, I am contented. I love being a mama to my gems, putting my sweet little ones to sleep, reading bedtime stories, teaching them to count, singing “Let It Go” (probably the most popular song among today’s toddlers), kissing their forehead and telling them I love you. I find joy in sending and fetching them for school and classes; those short rides are always so fun because often the best conversation I have with my kids are during those 10-15 minutes drive. They teach me so much!


Looking at the world through their eyes give me new perspectives of life and everything around me.


Besides living for my family, I live for myself too! And I’m glad I have such a supportive family who allows me to pursue my dreams, pick up new hobbies and try new things! I’ve something brewing behind the scene and I’m not sure if it will eventually happen (let’s just keep our finger-crossed)!

Over the years, I’ve also learned not to wait for dreams to come true when I can, in fact, make them happen myself. Easier said than done, but I’ll keep trying. And it becomes clear to me that perfection does not exist. I’m happy to settle for the closest alternative. Life is all about balancing. This is a deep one. I’m still figuring it out!

Above all, family and friends are VERY important to me. I’ll learn to balance my life and find time for the people dear to me. I’m 30 and still figuring life! 30 is just the beginning; not the end.

One thing among the many things I’ve figured out is that being 30 doesn’t mean I have to kowtow to aging. Sure, aging is a nature process and everyone ages with time but I want to age as gracefully as I possibly can. I’m a mask addict and everyone knows that. But among the hundreds of beauty product, there were only a handful I felt were good enough. My favourite being Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask! Pardon the poor resolution image; it was taken using my mobile phone because my camera battery charger died on me and I’m still waiting for my new charger to be shipped in. It’s very a little grainy as I enlarged the image to fit my blog width.

Elusyf Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask

It does everything I want it to: anti-aging, whitening, hydrating, brightening and lightening of pigmentation! The first time I used Elusyf’s Phyto Mask, I used it once daily for a week, and then reduced to thrice the following week, and finally twice a week (twice every week thereafter). The result was super awesome! I felt rejuvenated! My skin feels hydrated. My complexion is radiant. I feel refreshed! And I haven’t looked back since. Not trying to be cliche, but 30, really, is just a number. I’m pretty sure I don’t look my age, or for the least, people around me tells me so. And that’s a confidence booster!

I’ve been using this mask for the past six months and many have asked me about the products I’ve been using. Really, there are no secrets.

First and foremost, sleep early and eat healthy. I don’t always get to sleep through the night but I try to sleep early. It’s not easy when you have toddlers age 2 and 4!

Second, exercise regularly! Running after my tots is probably the best workout! Besides my weekly dosage of pilates session with Ann Ho, I run after my kids. Not too bad, right! I’ll try to fit in a gym session at least once a week if I have the energy. I try…

Third, use Elusyf’s Phyto Mask! And don’t waste the remaining essence in the mask pack! They are filled with goodness! I used them on my neck, arms and legs.

The key here is discipline, be it sleeping early, exercising regularly or using beauty products. If you only sleep early once a week and stay up late past midnight the rest of the week, your skin will surely be dehydrated and dull. If you only exercise once a year, you can’t detoxify your skin and flush cellular debris out of the system. The result, again, dry and dull skin. And if you don’t stick to your beauty routine (for me, I use Elusyf’s mask twice a week religiously), you just won’t see results!

You can’t just sit down there wishing you have good skin. Wishing alone won’t make your skin glow, but putting your thoughts to action, will. Above all, stay happy and stop stressing over every little things. Studies have shown that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones. So chill and relax!

If you are interested in purchasing the Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask, you should be able to buy them online soon, but till that option is available, you can contact their consultants at +65 9322 2223, or check out their Facebook here.

The Elusyf’s mask had worked well for me and I hope they work well for you too!

1 box of Elusyf’s mask (5 pieces) cost SGD 50.
2 boxes of Elusyf’s mask (10 pieces) cost SGD 90.

Well, the first 30 years of my life had been awesome! Time to start writing a new chapter worth reading – 30 onwards!


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