51 Very Singapore Things, Only Singaporeans Know

Singapore 51st National Day


  1. Speaking good Singlish (the colloquial variety of English that is widely used by ordinary folk)
  2. Chope seats with packet tissue
  3. People love running, a lot
  4. Complain but never protest
  5. Comparing everything
  6. Kids and schools are ranked
  7. We are a very green city, you see a tree no matter which part of Singapore you are in
  8. PAP rules
  9. Durain and Belachan does not stink, they smell heavenly!
  10. Merlion (The Merlion’s body represents Singapore’s humble roots as a fishing village. Its head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, or “lion city” in Malay.)
  11. F1
  12. Most Singaporeans are house owners
  13. HDB (Housing Development Board)
  14. COE (Certificate Of Entitlement)
  15. Zero bribery
  16. ERP (Electronic Road Pricing)
  17. We speak many languages and dialects
  18. We have air conditioned bus terminals
  19. Everyone is either uncle or auntie
  20. Malls don’t close at 5pm
  21. We have safe streets to walk on at night
  22. We have taken the art of drinking to a whole new level! We have so many version of Teh (tea) and Kopi (coffee)!
  23. We go to Changi Airport even when we are not flying anywhere
  24. We have one of the BEST airport and we are very proud of that
  25. Most places in Singapore are smoke free
  26. Beautiful skyline
  27. Drinking of alcohol in public places from 10.30pm to 7am is prohibited
  28. Singaporeans are no lack of vitamin D; we have loads of sunshine and no winter blues
  29. We have delicious yet economical hawker food that cost as low at SGD2 for a plate of noodles
  30. We celebrate racial harmony day
  31. We are kiasu
  32. We complain about Singapore but we are strangely patriotic about our country when we get overseas
  33. We are very orderly, we queue for everything
  34. People call us KAYPOH, but we are just really really concerned lahhhhhhhhh
  35. A meal is not complete unless there’s chilli sauce
  36. You would head to Changi Village for Chicken Wings, Boon Lay for Chicken Rice and Katong for Laksa – all on the same day
  37. Kids go to Kumon, DO Applied Learning, Berries or tuition every Saturday. If you are interested in Do Applied Learning, you can call 9105 0593 for your FREE trial lesson (remember to quote “LOVEWESA”).
  38. We take education VERY seriously
  39. You understand what this means: ECP jam, so take PIE to go to AMK but need to pay so much ERP – might as well take the MRT.
  40. Even when I turn 60, I can still sing Majulah Singapura with so much pride
  41. A marriage proposal only Singaporean girls understand: “Let’s apply for a flat!”
  42. Parents will take a month worth of leave just to go through PSLE with their children
  43. We are multi-everything – multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-religions, multi-cultural, multi-tasking. Not to forget our multi-storey carparks!
  44. We have CWOs (Corrective Work Orders) for litterbugs
  45. When a bunch of Singaporean men come together, they talk about army days, and the women complain about the men always talking about army days
  46. Lots of celebrations! With a population spanning Chinese, Malay, Indian, Caucasian and others, the religions of Singapore include Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity. That adds up to a lot of cultural and religious festivals and public holidays!
  47. Everyone look forward to age 55, when Singaporeans who have worked hard can enjoy CPF and be contented with personal finances
  48. Pink IC
  49. Shopping is practically a national obsession
  50. Our road names are never dull – Kay Poh Road, Rambutan Road, Princess of Wales Road, etc…
  51. Food is a national past time

Majulah Singapura~

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