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I’m not going to tell you that you will get flawless skin in 5 days, or a flat stomach in 2. Your aches in the bones won’t go away overnight, neither will your scars. Looking good and being healthy takes time, effort, and discipline. And of course some common sense, many people lack. It astounds me that people believe in quick fix many brands promised yet never delivers, because deep within, we all know, there are no magic or miracles. Unfortunately, these take time and that’s how our body works!

If you are looking for a quick fix, you can stop reading now. But if you are looking for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, please read on. I have good things to share!

My secret to good health and great complexion is to look after my body inside out. ‘Inside” I consume Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements; and ‘Outside’ I use Elusyf Activa Phytomask. I know, there are thousands of other supplements out there, all screaming for your attention. Some works, some doesn’t. I’ve tried many myself and finally found one that worked for me and my family too!

I started using Elusyf Activa Phytomask before I learned the existence of Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements. And when I started on my Elusyf Wellness Program, the rest was history. Life gets better each day!



I’m have masks, lots of them. Paper mask, gel mask, cream mask, clay mask, scrub mask, thermal mask, natural mask, peel-off mask, and the list goes on. I tried masks from Singapore, Korea, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, and USA! I would call myself a Mask Expert!

In the past, I used to think nothing of paper mask. To me, they were mere convenient packs, something like fast food, easy to use, fills your stomach but may not give you the optimum results. Boy, I WAS WRONG! I just haven’t found the right one!

The Chinese says 一分钱,一分货。It simply means “you get what you pay for”! Elusyf Activa Phytomask is slightly dearer than those Korean sheet masks I buy off the shelves but the effect is “WOW”!


There is this thin cotton sheet doused in lots and lots of goodness! There are plant placenta, yeast extract, bird’s nest extract, hyaluronic acid, pearl powder and Arbutin. Goodness overloaded!

Effects of Elusyf phytomask

All of these goodness aids in cell regeneration, increase collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and smoothen my skin. It also helps to lighten dark spots, improves dilated pores and is rich in antioxidant. What I like best is how it hydrates and plump up my skin! Elusyf is very generous with their ‘minerals’! I always keep and save it for later! I use the remaining ‘goodness’ on my face, neck, arms and legs!

1 box of Elusyf phytomask is going for SGD 55.
2 boxes of Elusyf phytomask are going for SGS 99.
And more discounts when you enter the promo code <9517676>.



Being a woman is not easy. Being a mother is double the toughness! Imagine having to look after two toddlers who constantly require lots of attention; who occasionally decide to thrown a tantrum or even worse, an explosive meltdown; who wake up in the middle of the night and want your company; who mess up the house as you try your very best to tidy it up; who flip over that very nutritional bowl of porridge you painstaking cooked for hours; who tear the drafts you meant to submit the very next morning. How not to age? These are emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting!



So where do I find the energy to work, nurture my children, design and create learning activity sheets for them, and still be their playmate? I attribute that to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s my Daily Health Checklist –>


Elusyf Wellness Program

The first thing I do every morning is to drink a glass of water with Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplement. I place my box of supplements next to my toothbrush so I will never forget eating them!


I’ve been consuming Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements for more than half a year, and the result – awesome. You know how looking after toddlers takes up so much energy, so much so, at the end of the day, I’m flat, totally drained. And more than often, I don’t get to sleep through the night! While my daughter is much more independent now, my son is only three. Plus, we are in the midst of toilet training him, thus we are always running to the toilet, if not, cleaning and washing soiled clothes and bedsheets. I need to keep my energy level up all day, and night!

After consuming Elusyf Cell Activa SP 800 supplements for about about two to three months, I started to see improvement with my health. I felt more energised, less lethargic, and I could focus and concentrate better. The scar between my eyes (on my nose bridge) significantly lightened. I also realised that my wound healed faster than before. It helps facilitate the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs, and boosts my body’s metabolism! Even better, my pores shrunk and my complexion got so much better! I’ll let the results do the talking!


I’m hitting the bulleye soon! The one on wrinkles improved so much (from the outer circle all the way to the inner circle). For the wrinkle category, the skin consultant focused on my scar (because she said I have no crow feet, thankfully). And if you are wondering why my skin was so oily? The last time she checked on me, I hit the bulleye but that day, I was rushing all morning, sending my kids to school, taking my helpers to the embassy, and running some errands; thus explains my oily skin. Anyway, take a look at the below images –>

It is evident from the pictures above, you can barely see my scar anymore! Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 not only reduce the appearance of my scar, it improves my skin condition and slows down the natural aging process.

The images below show improvement in collagen synthesis and tightness of my skin. The many crisscrosses you see suggest that I have more collagen under the surface my skin. These don’t happen overnight. I’ve been maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 for months. Now my skin now feel more supple and radiant!

If you must know what’s in the pill, there are ovine placenta extract, olive oil, shark liver oil, avocado oil, aloe vera gel extract, fish collagen powder, and xanthone! You can find a very comprehensive list of ingredient here!

Of course, you don’t expect Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements to bring you all of these in a day. You need to allow your body to recover and rejuvenate. Again, these take time! And while you are at this, you need to also lead a healthy lifestyle (see my Daily Health Checklist)! This way, you can optimise the stem cell therapy!

If you haven’t tried Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements before, I propose you try their Revitalisation Programme.



They are not the usual $100 supplements you see at our local drugstores; they are way better. Well, 一分钱,一分货, you will see results in your health in time to come. As I passed my big 30, I realised how much good health meant to me! All the wealth cannot bring you health, so take good care of your health today. I’m almost certain you will come back for more like I did.

If you are interested, click here to purchase.
Don’t forget to enter the promo code for discount <9517676>.

I wish you good health!

Winnie D. Chew

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