This helps people heal breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and more…



How brown seaweed extract helps people heal breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes and more!

Deep down in the ocean, a far eastern part of Russia, off the Asiatic part of the Siberian continent, near the Kuril Islands between Japan and Kamchatka, sits a bed of miracle sea plant – commonly known as brown seaweed, otherwise known as Maritech Synergy(patented). They are not farmed; they are ocean grown. And they are not easy to harvest. But these rare plants are so precious. Inside the large elephant-type of leaf is lots of gooey inside (think aloe vera). When you cut it in half, you can even see some of the polysaccharide (that gooey substance inside the leaf). It’s a tedious process to extract those goodness but all effort is worth it. These extracts are then turned into paste or powder form for consumption.

So what’s the big deal?

Sure, it’s a big deal. These extract helps maintain good health and save lives. Ever wonder why the rate of breast cancer in Japan, for example, is significantly lower than in the United States? Exactly.

It also helps people who experience acid reflux and digestion problems. It regulates appetite and keeps your hair nail and skin healthy. I call it a wellness “food”.

While LHL is at the diabetic topic, I thought more people should learn that Maritech Synergy also helps lower serum, thus helping people with type 2 diabetes go off their medication in about a month or two. Type 1 will take less insulin; say one shot instead of three shots of insulin daily when they consume Maritech Synergy.

And this can be found in Mitos Activa!

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Stay healthy!

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