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I’m Winnie! First, a wife to my hub, Edmund. Then a mum to my gems, Sonia and Arnold. Together we form WESA. Everything written in this blog space is about us – it’s a family affair! Here I share snippets of our everyday kind of life and adventures. I love motherhood, family, children, playdates, travel, parties and simple joy.

Ed and I are true blue Singaporean who loves everything about Singapore (okay, maybe not everything, but still, many things). Though Singapore may only be a red dot on the world map, but we are a very prominent red dot. Perhaps, even more popular than some bigger countries. And on this little red dot, with some kind of affinity, our path crossed. We met in school through a student leader camp, became friends, fell in love, and were married in twenty eleven.

Our life only gets better each day. In June, twenty twelve, our first love arrived! Sonia, now four, has a vibrant personality, always bursting with positive energy, and loves shining in the limelight but as she grow older, she becomes more self-conscience and takes a little while more to warm up with new people (adults). She’s fine with kids her age tough! In fact, she loves being around with many children, and can get a little bossy with friends she is closer with.

Soon after, our second child, Arnold came along. He’s two year old and is already very talkative! He takes a longer time to warm up with strangers but once warmed up, he will go on and on. He mesmerises us with his charming smile and hooks my heart when he locks his eyes to mine. Arnold had not only stolen my heart but the hearts of many, including every strange on the street.

We are a small family of four and I love every bit about being a wife to my hub and a mum to my gems. Everyday is fulfilling and meaningful.

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I’m not a CEO or Director of a company, I’m not receiving a five-figure paycheque, I don’t get to dress to the nine everyday or go pak-tor (aka dating) with my hub as often as I like. I am a nurse, chauffeur, teacher, playmate, housekeeper, accountant and babysitter all rolled into one. I am on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I don’t get pay raise or annual leaves. But I will never trade this job for any other jobs. Being a mum is awesome! Motherhood is awesome! I couldn’t be more thankful for a very packed and full life with my gems, and everything in-between.


This man loves me to the moon and back, and love our gems with all his heart. He is our provider, our protector and the disciplinarian who helps the kids learn proper boundaries and consequences. But don’t mistaken, he is not the “bad man” all the time! He plays a lot with our children whenever he can and makes sure he honours all promises he made to them. If he promised Sonia to read her “Sleeping Beauty” before bedtime, he would. I love him with every ounce of my being.


My four-year-old is beautiful, smart, inquisitive, funny, helpful, extremely vain (all her teachers say the same), and loquacious. She talks a lot (literally non-stop) and I’m loving it! She can sing on and on and on, switching from one song to the other without pausing. Her now favourite is “Once Upon A December” from Anastasia. No, she can’t sing the entire song but memorising the chorus isn’t a problem. She loves crafting, doodling, painting, running, jumping, dancing and traveling. We visited Australia five times since she was fifteen-month-old and though she kept visiting the same country, each travel experience was different (we went to different states). She can’t get enough!


Arnold is now two-year-old! We try toilet training him and things look positive! I hope we will be over with the diaper-changing period by the end of this year! He now loves running around with jiejie, mimicking what she says, and just being around her! Sonia and Arnold are almost inseparable! In my eyes, my son is charismatic and charming. He is lovely, adorable, amusing, witty, chummy, and affectionate, but has a quick temper. While he is quick to throw a tantrum, he is quick to recover from one too (thankfully). Arnold has brought so much joy and laughters to our family. He splashes his widest smile every time he sees his sister and will throw her many hugs and kisses. I’m one proud mama!