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Yes, WESA RIBBONS is here! Cheers to our GRAND OPENING!
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Getting into the whole ribbon wagon wasn’t planned. I just hopped onto it with some coincidence, pure interest and a stroke of luck. I was lucky to have met a very kind Korean lady in Australia on a vacation, who is an expert in making hair accessories, and spent my days there learning the ropes. Then I retuned to Singapore with this whole Ribbon business concept and started working on the nitty gritty details, source for high grade suppliers, put the pieces together, and viola, WESA RIBBONS is born. 



WESA is the abbreviation for Winnie, Edmund, Sonia and Arnold. If you have been following my blog, you need no introduction, if not, you can check out my profile page here. Without my family’s support, I wouldn’t have started this online business. So having a Company’s name made up of our names was meaningful to me.

Premium Quality

WESA RIBBONS is an advocate for good quality products. I handmade most of the items you see in my blog shop and make special care to ensure that all products are put together with great precision. Those that don’t fit the bill get tossed straight into the bin. All materials used in making WESA Hair Accessories are from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and the USA. Among all items, the alligator clips and french barrettes are the skeletons of the products. These metal pieces must be of premium quality. I’ve imported them all from Korea. Needless to say, they don’t come cheap but I value quality and want only the best for you and your kids.

WESA RIBBONS also value hygiene. Before working on any hair accessories, I make sure I wash my hands throughly, and wipe my working table and tools with baby wipes. I also compartmentalise all materials accordingly and keep them in cool and dry places. Not that the ribbons and metal pieces will spoil in a hot and humid environment but why promote bacteria growth? I want the final products to reach your hands in absolute good condition.

We customise

WESA RIBBONS do customise hair accessories for birthday parties, weddings, or any other events.
Minimum order of 12 hair accessories. One month lead time (of course, the earlier you let us know, the better).

Special Offer

To thank you for your support, ALL hair accessories on WESA RIBBONS will be on SALE.
Key promo code WESA20 to enjoy 20% discount off all products on WESA RIBBONS.
Valid from 8-11 OCTOBER 2015.

Every girl needs ribbons and remember, there is no such thing as too much ribbons.
These cute little ribbons are perfect gifts for birthdays, Children’s Day, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Ray, Deepavali…
See, you need ribbons for every occasion or no occasions at all.


Contact Person: Winnie Diora Chew

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I only got to know of ELC when I had Sonia (obviously right, why else would I be interested in toys) and among the many toys retail outlets, this is my favourite! I chanced upon this shop while taking Sonia for her routine jab at the Aglow Clinic one day and had since been their loyal customer! They house heaps of educational toys, flash cards, instruments, costumes and many many more!

Next week, they are having a MEGA TOYS FAIR at the United Square Basement 1 Atrium! What’s a better excuse to shop for my kids? From 1st to 4th October 2015, ELC is throwing a MEGA SALES up to 70% OFF! Better still for ELC members – You are entitled to an additional 5% discount with a minimum purchase of SGD 400. That’s a real deal!

Parents, you can start Christmas shopping early this year!!

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