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Any idea what cause dead skin to build up?

We have sebaceous glands that produce naturally hydrating oils and a built-in process that constantly produces new skin cells while shedding the old. Each day, we shed nearly 40,000 skin cells!

As we catch up with age, these innate processes slow down, causing dead skin to buildup. It doesn’t help that many of us are guilty of not cleansing our skin throughly each night. Excess oil, makeup, or other products will block and prevent our body from naturally creating new cells and shedding old ones. Just picture a traffic jam on a weekday along PIE at 6.30pm. When they are too many cars on the road, things slow down and sometimes even to a halt. Same for our skin.

It might also be the types of food we eat, our level of hygiene, and even our climates. And when a buildup of dead skin stays in the pore for too long, and mixes with sebum, our pores get clogged, bacteria grows leading to breakouts.

So what do we do?

Experts say not to rub or use harsh products on our skin, especially not on acne-prone skin; because removing too much natural oil during the process will cause your skin to react and produce more, which can cause more breakouts as the follicles become blocked all over again.

Sure, you should use gentle oil-free cleanser with exfoliating properties which will remove dead skin, but more than working on just the exterior, work on your body inside out. I supplement with Mitos Activa. Just one capsule each morning on an empty stomach.

Precious Ingredients in Mitos Activa

You will find lots of “treasure” in Mitos Activa, such as, Maritech Synergy, Trans-Resveratrol, Dermaval, Rose Placenta, Cordyceps Prime, Aloe Vera Powder, Mangosteen Extract and Pomegranate.

I’m sure that your next question is “what do they do”?

Click here to read more.

Personal Experience

I’ve been taking Mitos Activa for more than a year and it has “rebooted” my health, reduced scaring on my nose bridge, helped with hair growth after pregnancy, shrank my big pores and reduced dead skin accumulation.

On my recent appointment with Kadence, a very established Elusyf consultant, I saw my “skin health reports” and smiled with contentment. There was tremendous improvement in my skin conditions.

Elusyf dead skin

The imaged on the top left was taken in March 2016 and the image on bottom right was taken just about and around a week ago. The accumulation of dead skin one year ago was horrendous. My dead skin was getting out of hand! And because I had sensitive skin, using harsh exfoliating products will cause my skin to react. I needed something that works from within, not just externally. I want to maintain a happy, healthy, glowing, smooth skin and my solution was Elusyf Mitos Activa.

It wasn’t just dead skin issues I had back then. I hated my enlarged pores. It was something that bothered me since my teenage days. My mum brought me to many demonologists but none could fix my problems but Elusyf did. It came late but better than never. I was 30 when I first started on Elysyf Wellness Programme. I’m so thankful to have come across this product and I hope others will benefit from it too.

Elusyf Density of pores

Just look at how the density of my pores shrank. From these images you can also see the crisscross lines forming (collagen). Collagen is a structural support protein that is essential for firm, youthful skin.

As the synthesis of new collagen slows down, Mitos Activa helps boost collagen synthesis and slow its degradation. And to top it off, I also use Elusyf Phytomask which helps increase collagen synthesis, aids in cell regeneration, reduces fine lines, smoothen skin, lighten dark spots, nourishes, hydrates and repairs skin.

I’ve been consuming Elusyf Mitos Activa and Phytomask for over a year and will continue to use them simply because it WORKS! Elusyf Wellness Programme is premium, exclusive, yet it doesn’t break the bank. As cliche as it may sound, I still got to say it – prevention is better than cure.

If you are interested, click here to purchase.
Don’t forget to enter the promo code for discount <9517676>.

Health is wealth.

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I’m not going to tell you that you will get flawless skin in 5 days, or a flat stomach in 2. Your aches in the bones won’t go away overnight, neither will your scars. Looking good and being healthy takes time, effort, and discipline. And of course some common sense, many people lack. It astounds me that people believe in quick fix many brands promised yet never delivers, because deep within, we all know, there are no magic or miracles. Unfortunately, these take time and that’s how our body works!

If you are looking for a quick fix, you can stop reading now. But if you are looking for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, please read on. I have good things to share!

My secret to good health and great complexion is to look after my body inside out. ‘Inside” I consume Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements; and ‘Outside’ I use Elusyf Activa Phytomask. I know, there are thousands of other supplements out there, all screaming for your attention. Some works, some doesn’t. I’ve tried many myself and finally found one that worked for me and my family too!

I started using Elusyf Activa Phytomask before I learned the existence of Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements. And when I started on my Elusyf Wellness Program, the rest was history. Life gets better each day!



I’m have masks, lots of them. Paper mask, gel mask, cream mask, clay mask, scrub mask, thermal mask, natural mask, peel-off mask, and the list goes on. I tried masks from Singapore, Korea, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, and USA! I would call myself a Mask Expert!

In the past, I used to think nothing of paper mask. To me, they were mere convenient packs, something like fast food, easy to use, fills your stomach but may not give you the optimum results. Boy, I WAS WRONG! I just haven’t found the right one!

The Chinese says 一分钱,一分货。It simply means “you get what you pay for”! Elusyf Activa Phytomask is slightly dearer than those Korean sheet masks I buy off the shelves but the effect is “WOW”!


There is this thin cotton sheet doused in lots and lots of goodness! There are plant placenta, yeast extract, bird’s nest extract, hyaluronic acid, pearl powder and Arbutin. Goodness overloaded!

Effects of Elusyf phytomask

All of these goodness aids in cell regeneration, increase collagen synthesis, reduce fine lines and smoothen my skin. It also helps to lighten dark spots, improves dilated pores and is rich in antioxidant. What I like best is how it hydrates and plump up my skin! Elusyf is very generous with their ‘minerals’! I always keep and save it for later! I use the remaining ‘goodness’ on my face, neck, arms and legs!

1 box of Elusyf phytomask is going for SGD 55.
2 boxes of Elusyf phytomask are going for SGS 99.
And more discounts when you enter the promo code <9517676>.



Being a woman is not easy. Being a mother is double the toughness! Imagine having to look after two toddlers who constantly require lots of attention; who occasionally decide to thrown a tantrum or even worse, an explosive meltdown; who wake up in the middle of the night and want your company; who mess up the house as you try your very best to tidy it up; who flip over that very nutritional bowl of porridge you painstaking cooked for hours; who tear the drafts you meant to submit the very next morning. How not to age? These are emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting!



So where do I find the energy to work, nurture my children, design and create learning activity sheets for them, and still be their playmate? I attribute that to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s my Daily Health Checklist –>


Elusyf Wellness Program

The first thing I do every morning is to drink a glass of water with Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplement. I place my box of supplements next to my toothbrush so I will never forget eating them!


I’ve been consuming Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements for more than half a year, and the result – awesome. You know how looking after toddlers takes up so much energy, so much so, at the end of the day, I’m flat, totally drained. And more than often, I don’t get to sleep through the night! While my daughter is much more independent now, my son is only three. Plus, we are in the midst of toilet training him, thus we are always running to the toilet, if not, cleaning and washing soiled clothes and bedsheets. I need to keep my energy level up all day, and night!

After consuming Elusyf Cell Activa SP 800 supplements for about about two to three months, I started to see improvement with my health. I felt more energised, less lethargic, and I could focus and concentrate better. The scar between my eyes (on my nose bridge) significantly lightened. I also realised that my wound healed faster than before. It helps facilitate the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs, and boosts my body’s metabolism! Even better, my pores shrunk and my complexion got so much better! I’ll let the results do the talking!


I’m hitting the bulleye soon! The one on wrinkles improved so much (from the outer circle all the way to the inner circle). For the wrinkle category, the skin consultant focused on my scar (because she said I have no crow feet, thankfully). And if you are wondering why my skin was so oily? The last time she checked on me, I hit the bulleye but that day, I was rushing all morning, sending my kids to school, taking my helpers to the embassy, and running some errands; thus explains my oily skin. Anyway, take a look at the below images –>

It is evident from the pictures above, you can barely see my scar anymore! Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 not only reduce the appearance of my scar, it improves my skin condition and slows down the natural aging process.

The images below show improvement in collagen synthesis and tightness of my skin. The many crisscrosses you see suggest that I have more collagen under the surface my skin. These don’t happen overnight. I’ve been maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 for months. Now my skin now feel more supple and radiant!

If you must know what’s in the pill, there are ovine placenta extract, olive oil, shark liver oil, avocado oil, aloe vera gel extract, fish collagen powder, and xanthone! You can find a very comprehensive list of ingredient here!

Of course, you don’t expect Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements to bring you all of these in a day. You need to allow your body to recover and rejuvenate. Again, these take time! And while you are at this, you need to also lead a healthy lifestyle (see my Daily Health Checklist)! This way, you can optimise the stem cell therapy!

If you haven’t tried Elusyf Cell Activa SP800 supplements before, I propose you try their Revitalisation Programme.



They are not the usual $100 supplements you see at our local drugstores; they are way better. Well, 一分钱,一分货, you will see results in your health in time to come. As I passed my big 30, I realised how much good health meant to me! All the wealth cannot bring you health, so take good care of your health today. I’m almost certain you will come back for more like I did.

If you are interested, click here to purchase.
Don’t forget to enter the promo code for discount <9517676>.

I wish you good health!

Winnie D. Chew

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So I turned 30.  And nothing devastating happened. No crow feet appearing at the corner of my eyes. I didn’t suddenly put on 5kg. I was (still is) Winnie Diora Chew. Of course, along the years, my muscles turned to flab but that wasn’t because I turned 30; that was because I was lazy (opss)! That was why I took up pilates classes!

I’ve lived and breathed for 30 years and am loving every bit of my life! #embracing30




Here are things I set out to do!

Over the years, I learned about embracing the life I have. It’s easy to compare and I always do (I’d be lying if I tell you I never compare and I’m sure you compare too; everyone compares. Human nature, I guess?) And, it absolutely robs me. It’s so easy to think how easy his/her life is, no matter who that “him/her” is. Just log on to your FB or Instagram and see those people having a successful, happy and blissful life; traveling half around the world, leading the high and mighty life. Don’t tell me you never wish that was you. But I’m on a mission to kill comparison in my life. That’s just not healthy.


Saying so, don’t get me wrong; I’m happy with my life. Married to the love of my life, with two healthy and witty kids, supportive parents, caring and super thoughtful in-laws, and a bunch of irritating yet adorable brothers, I am contented. I love being a mama to my gems, putting my sweet little ones to sleep, reading bedtime stories, teaching them to count, singing “Let It Go” (probably the most popular song among today’s toddlers), kissing their forehead and telling them I love you. I find joy in sending and fetching them for school and classes; those short rides are always so fun because often the best conversation I have with my kids are during those 10-15 minutes drive. They teach me so much!


Looking at the world through their eyes give me new perspectives of life and everything around me.


Besides living for my family, I live for myself too! And I’m glad I have such a supportive family who allows me to pursue my dreams, pick up new hobbies and try new things! I’ve something brewing behind the scene and I’m not sure if it will eventually happen (let’s just keep our finger-crossed)!

Over the years, I’ve also learned not to wait for dreams to come true when I can, in fact, make them happen myself. Easier said than done, but I’ll keep trying. And it becomes clear to me that perfection does not exist. I’m happy to settle for the closest alternative. Life is all about balancing. This is a deep one. I’m still figuring it out!

Above all, family and friends are VERY important to me. I’ll learn to balance my life and find time for the people dear to me. I’m 30 and still figuring life! 30 is just the beginning; not the end.

One thing among the many things I’ve figured out is that being 30 doesn’t mean I have to kowtow to aging. Sure, aging is a nature process and everyone ages with time but I want to age as gracefully as I possibly can. I’m a mask addict and everyone knows that. But among the hundreds of beauty product, there were only a handful I felt were good enough. My favourite being Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask! Pardon the poor resolution image; it was taken using my mobile phone because my camera battery charger died on me and I’m still waiting for my new charger to be shipped in. It’s very a little grainy as I enlarged the image to fit my blog width.

Elusyf Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask

It does everything I want it to: anti-aging, whitening, hydrating, brightening and lightening of pigmentation! The first time I used Elusyf’s Phyto Mask, I used it once daily for a week, and then reduced to thrice the following week, and finally twice a week (twice every week thereafter). The result was super awesome! I felt rejuvenated! My skin feels hydrated. My complexion is radiant. I feel refreshed! And I haven’t looked back since. Not trying to be cliche, but 30, really, is just a number. I’m pretty sure I don’t look my age, or for the least, people around me tells me so. And that’s a confidence booster!

I’ve been using this mask for the past six months and many have asked me about the products I’ve been using. Really, there are no secrets.

First and foremost, sleep early and eat healthy. I don’t always get to sleep through the night but I try to sleep early. It’s not easy when you have toddlers age 2 and 4!

Second, exercise regularly! Running after my tots is probably the best workout! Besides my weekly dosage of pilates session with Ann Ho, I run after my kids. Not too bad, right! I’ll try to fit in a gym session at least once a week if I have the energy. I try…

Third, use Elusyf’s Phyto Mask! And don’t waste the remaining essence in the mask pack! They are filled with goodness! I used them on my neck, arms and legs.

The key here is discipline, be it sleeping early, exercising regularly or using beauty products. If you only sleep early once a week and stay up late past midnight the rest of the week, your skin will surely be dehydrated and dull. If you only exercise once a year, you can’t detoxify your skin and flush cellular debris out of the system. The result, again, dry and dull skin. And if you don’t stick to your beauty routine (for me, I use Elusyf’s mask twice a week religiously), you just won’t see results!

You can’t just sit down there wishing you have good skin. Wishing alone won’t make your skin glow, but putting your thoughts to action, will. Above all, stay happy and stop stressing over every little things. Studies have shown that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones. So chill and relax!

If you are interested in purchasing the Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask, you should be able to buy them online soon, but till that option is available, you can contact their consultants at +65 9322 2223, or check out their Facebook here.

The Elusyf’s mask had worked well for me and I hope they work well for you too!

1 box of Elusyf’s mask (5 pieces) cost SGD 50.
2 boxes of Elusyf’s mask (10 pieces) cost SGD 90.

Well, the first 30 years of my life had been awesome! Time to start writing a new chapter worth reading – 30 onwards!


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2015 had been an awesome year for WESA. Along the way, we learned so much. Parenting two toddlers was fun and enriching! We’re truly thankful for all that we have and all that we can give. It was an exciting ride and now, we look forward to the next roller coaster ride ahead of us. Bring it on, 2016! And to everyone out there, have a happy new year!


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CK Encounter Fresh Lovewesa

So recently, my man smells really good every morning! He changed his cologne (after a long time); still using Calvin Klein but a different fragrance. This feels very clean, fresh, aromatic and sunshine! It makes him look bright and happier.

Now the question – WHY. THE. SUDDEN. CHANGE?

What is he up to? Who is he trying to charm? Is there something I need to know? Any new friends in his list? Yah dah~ yah dah~yah dah~

I would probably be drowning him with a million questions if this bottle of perfume didn’t come from ME. Haha! Got you!



In today’s world, grooming for men has assumed great importance. The modern man is expected to be presentable at all times and these expectations are more important for the working man. Clean clothes, minimal accessories, and good hygiene are just some of the basic parameters to follow. One of the most important accessories for a man is good fragrance. And I have gotten him just what he needed – CALVIN KLEIN Encounter Fresh.

(Click on highlighted text to buy)


I’m not a fan of evocative, overly heavy wood fragrance or spicy musk, neither does he. We like smelling fresh and the Encounter Fresh introduced in 2013, as it’s name suggested, is FRESH smelling. It has a very nice opening fragrance. It moves in a refreshing, woody aromatic tone, starting with opening notes of bergamot, matched with a Mojito accord that develops into an exciting and unexpected engagement of the heart with cardamom, rum and lavender that finally meet a dry down of aromatic resin of citrus leaves. I really love the citrus fragrance! This make a great scent for the summer. Perfect to use in our all-year-round-summer country, Singapore. You just can’t go wrong with this cologne.

lovewesa - calvin-klein-encounter-fresh_1

Scent notes of Encounter Fresh Calvin Klein include top notes of mojito cocktail, citrus bergamia, middle notes of sugarcane alcohol, lavender, green cardamom and base notes of labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood.

Projection – 2 hours
Longevity – 4-5 hours

CK Encounter Fresh makes me feel _____

I asked hub to complete this sentence, “CALVIN KLEIN Encounter Fresh makes me feel ___________.”

He thought for a good one minute and answered “fresh”.

You can tell, he’s not very creative with his answer but definitely honest. Well, they name this the ‘Encounter Fresh’ for a reason, no?



This makes an awesome gift for your boyfriend, husband, partner, brother, or father. And really, you don’t need a festive or reason to buy HIM a gift. A little thought goes a long way. And of course, not everyone will like the smell of CK Encounter Fresh like we do. For example, my dad wouldn’t like something this light and airy. He would prefer something heavier, with a woody aromatic fragrance for men. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. But don’t you worry, XIAOMEI has a range of fragrance and I’m sure something there will be something your man likes. Happy shopping!

Do you know, shopping can chase the blues away? Now you know. So start shopping now! Smelling good is important too!

Include LOVEWESA in the seller memo when you buy from XIAOMEI and you will be entitled to a FREE Ralph Lauren Tote Bag.


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I know, my title and cover image don’t quite link, but trust me, you will see the ‘link’ by the time you reach the end of my post.

As the title reads “A broken nose, almost”, and I believe a picture speaks a thousand words. I wouldn’t mind showing you a picture of my raw wound but that would probably freak you out and cause unnecessary indigestion, so I would be nice and save you the agony. Here’s my already fixed and cleaned up wound.

wdc 1


“WHAT HAPPENED?????????”

I answered that a hundred times since I knocked my nose and here’s my story…

It was just an ordinary day. Sonia was in school and Arnold was taking his nap. I decided to take some pictures of my new purchase from Taobao via Skycart, and so, laid them nicely on the floor.

Just a little background of how my cabinet looked like so you would have an idea how I might have knocked my nose onto the edge of the cabinet. There were three big drawers at the bottom where I store my kids clothes; and above the big drawers were cupboards with doors that swing outward.

Ok, back to my story. I was happily snapping pictures of my newly arrived loots when I decided to stand up, not knowing that the cabinet door above me was open, and with such force, I accidentally slammed my face onto the edge of the cabinet door. To be exact, the bridge of my nose. I was alone in my room, in pain, but I never thought it might be that serious. Perhaps a bruise on my face, or for the least, that was what I thought. I squat on the floor holding onto the bridge of my nose, still in pain, but more concern of how my bruise (or so I thought it was only a bruise then) looked. Standing in front of my full length mirror, I saw my reflection ever so clearly. My cheeks were covered with blood, my fingers too, and then suddenly there wasn’t anymore pain. I was numbed with consternation. I was bleeding, badly! What should I do?

I stood rooted to the ground, in fear. I was afraid to look at myself but I had to. I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to clean up my face, take a piece of cloth and place pressure onto the bridge of my nose. I needed to stop the bleeding and go straight to a doctor. But knowing is one thing, and doing is another. I was in a state of shock! But thankfully, I managed to calm down quickly, press a piece of tissue on my nose bridge while cleaning off the dripping blood.

I grabbed my car key, wallet, handphone, and a few packets of tissue, threw them in my handbag and walked out of my room. “Drive, or not”, I couldn’t decide. It would be so much more convenient to drive but I was feeling a little dizzy and later decided to call for a cab. As soon as our helpers saw blood on my face, they pounced on me with questions and concerns, “Winnie, what happened, pain, pain? You knocked yourself? Where did you knock?”. It’s really nice to have someone with you at home and I really appreciate their care and concerns. Not really painful, actually. I was still trying to contain myself and digest how did all of these happened. “Confused” might be a better adjective. Anyway, our helper, Lyn accompanied me to the clinic while Jo helped to look after Arnold, and the rest were history.


After so many hours, and so much pain and five stitches, I was bandaged and sent to a room where I was asked to stay for a night for observation. I didn’t even have to stay in the hospital after giving birth to Sonia and Arnold and I had to be admitted because I knocked onto my nose? It was a long long night and I missed my bed.

The next day…

nose recovering

I was feeling much better and more importantly, I looked less intimidating. When Sonia saw me with the bandage and tapes on, she was frightened and wouldn’t allow me to carry her. Boy, I was heartbroken.

For the next four days, I had this plaster on until it was time to remove the stitches. I must say that the plastic surgeon did a really good job!


A full recovery will take  approximately six months and during this entire period, I was asked to avoid the sun entirely. If I must be out there, put on a hat and carry an umbrella. And because my wound is still kind of raw, I am VERY particular about the products I use on my face. It has to be alcohol-free, light and be as neutral as possible. If it stings, it’s too harsh for my skin. So just recently, I tried CLARINS toning lotion with camomile.


I wouldn’t have switched facial products if not for my wound but I was pleasantly pleased with Clarins toning lotion. This product is like a toner/lotion blend. After using the toner, I feel like I do not need to moisturise my face but I still do, of course. Despite having just removed five stitches on my nose, Clarins toning lotion was gentle on my skin. I didn’t feel a sting or any discomfort to begin with. Plus, it is a alcohol-free toner – that means it won’t leave my skin dry. Don’t be mislead by the word “lotion” as printed on the bottle. This toner is as fluid as water and has a soft herbal-floral scent. It smells good, feels light, and keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day. If I can only use one word to describe my new found product, it has to be “refreshing”. I totally love the smell of Camomile and how soothing it is for the skin.

You can buy this product from XIAOMEI, or really, any products that you think suit your skin type. They have a range of products under their belt (mainly beauty products and fragrance), and everything is going at a discounted price.

Include LOVEWESA in the seller memo when you buy from XIAOMEI and you will be entitled to a free Ralph Lauren Tote Bag. Mummies will love this bag!!! I bring this out so often because it’s big enough to fit so much!

Front view

Front view


Side view

Side view

Here’re what I have in my tote today:

What's in the bag

These are what I usually bring with me if I’m going out for say 2 to 3 hours. I always feed my kids before I leave home so there will be lesser things to bring along. For me, storybooks, notebook and markers are a MUST. They keep my children entertained and keep me sane. For now, Arnold loves trucks and Sonia loves her Little Miss series.

Enjoy shopping, folks! Good things must share!!! Don’t forget to check out XIAOMEI’s bargains!

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