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So I turned 30.  And nothing devastating happened. No crow feet appearing at the corner of my eyes. I didn’t suddenly put on 5kg. I was (still is) Winnie Diora Chew. Of course, along the years, my muscles turned to flab but that wasn’t because I turned 30; that was because I was lazy (opss)! That was why I took up pilates classes!

I’ve lived and breathed for 30 years and am loving every bit of my life! #embracing30




Here are things I set out to do!

Over the years, I learned about embracing the life I have. It’s easy to compare and I always do (I’d be lying if I tell you I never compare and I’m sure you compare too; everyone compares. Human nature, I guess?) And, it absolutely robs me. It’s so easy to think how easy his/her life is, no matter who that “him/her” is. Just log on to your FB or Instagram and see those people having a successful, happy and blissful life; traveling half around the world, leading the high and mighty life. Don’t tell me you never wish that was you. But I’m on a mission to kill comparison in my life. That’s just not healthy.


Saying so, don’t get me wrong; I’m happy with my life. Married to the love of my life, with two healthy and witty kids, supportive parents, caring and super thoughtful in-laws, and a bunch of irritating yet adorable brothers, I am contented. I love being a mama to my gems, putting my sweet little ones to sleep, reading bedtime stories, teaching them to count, singing “Let It Go” (probably the most popular song among today’s toddlers), kissing their forehead and telling them I love you. I find joy in sending and fetching them for school and classes; those short rides are always so fun because often the best conversation I have with my kids are during those 10-15 minutes drive. They teach me so much!


Looking at the world through their eyes give me new perspectives of life and everything around me.


Besides living for my family, I live for myself too! And I’m glad I have such a supportive family who allows me to pursue my dreams, pick up new hobbies and try new things! I’ve something brewing behind the scene and I’m not sure if it will eventually happen (let’s just keep our finger-crossed)!

Over the years, I’ve also learned not to wait for dreams to come true when I can, in fact, make them happen myself. Easier said than done, but I’ll keep trying. And it becomes clear to me that perfection does not exist. I’m happy to settle for the closest alternative. Life is all about balancing. This is a deep one. I’m still figuring it out!

Above all, family and friends are VERY important to me. I’ll learn to balance my life and find time for the people dear to me. I’m 30 and still figuring life! 30 is just the beginning; not the end.

One thing among the many things I’ve figured out is that being 30 doesn’t mean I have to kowtow to aging. Sure, aging is a nature process and everyone ages with time but I want to age as gracefully as I possibly can. I’m a mask addict and everyone knows that. But among the hundreds of beauty product, there were only a handful I felt were good enough. My favourite being Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask! Pardon the poor resolution image; it was taken using my mobile phone because my camera battery charger died on me and I’m still waiting for my new charger to be shipped in. It’s very a little grainy as I enlarged the image to fit my blog width.

Elusyf Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask

It does everything I want it to: anti-aging, whitening, hydrating, brightening and lightening of pigmentation! The first time I used Elusyf’s Phyto Mask, I used it once daily for a week, and then reduced to thrice the following week, and finally twice a week (twice every week thereafter). The result was super awesome! I felt rejuvenated! My skin feels hydrated. My complexion is radiant. I feel refreshed! And I haven’t looked back since. Not trying to be cliche, but 30, really, is just a number. I’m pretty sure I don’t look my age, or for the least, people around me tells me so. And that’s a confidence booster!

I’ve been using this mask for the past six months and many have asked me about the products I’ve been using. Really, there are no secrets.

First and foremost, sleep early and eat healthy. I don’t always get to sleep through the night but I try to sleep early. It’s not easy when you have toddlers age 2 and 4!

Second, exercise regularly! Running after my tots is probably the best workout! Besides my weekly dosage of pilates session with Ann Ho, I run after my kids. Not too bad, right! I’ll try to fit in a gym session at least once a week if I have the energy. I try…

Third, use Elusyf’s Phyto Mask! And don’t waste the remaining essence in the mask pack! They are filled with goodness! I used them on my neck, arms and legs.

The key here is discipline, be it sleeping early, exercising regularly or using beauty products. If you only sleep early once a week and stay up late past midnight the rest of the week, your skin will surely be dehydrated and dull. If you only exercise once a year, you can’t detoxify your skin and flush cellular debris out of the system. The result, again, dry and dull skin. And if you don’t stick to your beauty routine (for me, I use Elusyf’s mask twice a week religiously), you just won’t see results!

You can’t just sit down there wishing you have good skin. Wishing alone won’t make your skin glow, but putting your thoughts to action, will. Above all, stay happy and stop stressing over every little things. Studies have shown that the sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin, are influenced by stress hormones. So chill and relax!

If you are interested in purchasing the Elusyf’s Stem Cell Activa Phyto Mask, you should be able to buy them online soon, but till that option is available, you can contact their consultants at +65 9322 2223, or check out their Facebook here.

The Elusyf’s mask had worked well for me and I hope they work well for you too!

1 box of Elusyf’s mask (5 pieces) cost SGD 50.
2 boxes of Elusyf’s mask (10 pieces) cost SGD 90.

Well, the first 30 years of my life had been awesome! Time to start writing a new chapter worth reading – 30 onwards!


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2015 had been an awesome year for WESA. Along the way, we learned so much. Parenting two toddlers was fun and enriching! We’re truly thankful for all that we have and all that we can give. It was an exciting ride and now, we look forward to the next roller coaster ride ahead of us. Bring it on, 2016! And to everyone out there, have a happy new year!


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30 before 30

Reality hit me hard when I realised that I am turning 29 tomorrow and will officially be in the last year of my twenties. How do I feel? Panicky, depressed, overwhelmed. I know, I know, it’s no biggie turning 30 but once you hit 30, it’s not cute anymore to still be trying to “find yourself” and decide what to do with your life. I feel like I’ve wasted too much time and I really have to get my act together and decide what I want to do next.

The list of 30 BEFORE 30 had been done up some years ago (not in sequence of importance). I can proudly strike off some but there are still plenty to do. Unfortunately I have only a year to complete this. Let’s see how far I can go…


  1. Pilot an aircraft flying in the sky

    Conquered! This was always on my list and I never thought someday I would really be able to pilot an aircraft. But I did! I had to thank Arnold (not my son lah, I’m talking about my hub’s cousin who shares the same English and Chinese name as my 16-month-old, except his surname). On his graduation day, he brought us all to the sky and allowed me to pilot an aircraft all by myself (of course with his guidance, I don’t want to crash a plane). It was beautiful – everything. Thanks for the experience.

  2. Pick strawberries from a farm and eat them fresh there and there DSC01709

    Conquered! I love strawberries and always fantasised plucking big, juicy and sweet strawberries straight from the farm and into my mouth. If I want it any fresher, I have to eat them from the stems, haha. It can’t get any better!

  3. Go stargazing Star gazing

    Conquered! Hub and I went stargazing 5 years ago at Lake Takapo in New Zealand and I was MESMERISED by the beauty of the night sky.

  4. Get married to my soulmate 20111202_221210

    Conquered! So I can have kids before 30.

  5. Have kids before 30 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    Conquered! Some people ask me if there are any differences having kids before and after 30. My answer, yes! Health issues aside, it’s really just a matter of how you want to try to plan your lives. There is rarely an “ideal” time to have kids and often there are many paths that may be more economically and socially appealing. It is however a path that will give you joy (and pain) that you have never experienced until your little one arrives. For me, I want to be a young mama, have the strength and energy to grow with them and be there for them for as long as I can. And hopefully still be around to play with my grandchildren. It’s a personal choice and I’m glad I have Sonia and Arnold early.

  6. Start a workout regimen Pilates

    Conquered! I like sports that allow me to sweat it out (e.g., netball, captain ball, badminton, roller blading, etc). So naturally, yoga or pilates were not for me. Ironically I got hooked on pilates. It doesn’t look fun or challenging but I gave it a go anyway (because I was determined to start a workout regimen, better if I can do it solo). Imagine having to find a team of players before I can play a game of netball, for example. I probably will only workout once a year. Anyhow, I’m glad I had an exercise partner – my MIL. We religiously attend pilates classes and it turned into a new passion for me. It makes my body stronger, helps burn calories, improves my posture, engage my abs and helps me focus better. Pilates is a lifestyle. What not to like?

  7. Loss weight 10kg_digital_weighing_scale.jpg_220x220

    Conquered! Breastfeeding was the secret to my weight loss programme. I really didn’t have to do much to shed off my post-pregnancy weigh. All I had to do was to breastfeed but I must say breastfeeding was tiring, very tiring. There were moments I felt like giving up breastfeeding altogether but my kids kept me going. I knew that was the best thing I could do for my children and so I bit the bullet and pushed on. It helped that I have a very supportive family. No amount of ‘thank you’ can express my gratitude to them.

  8. Win an award Singapore Blog Awards Best Family Blog Finalist

    Conquered! Best Family Blog Finalist! Not really an award but good enough for me. If you enjoy reading my blog, may I humbly ask for your support and spend a minute to vote for LOVEWESA? Click here to vote. Click here to read about how I stumbled onto the whole Singapore Blog Award thingy.

  9. Quit impulsive buys shopping

    Conquered! When it comes to buying kids’ clothes and shoes, I need a handcuff. But I’ve managed to curb my addiction. I hope it doesn’t relapse. Today I can walk in a kids’ apparel shop and walk out empty handed (what an achievement, please clap).

  10. Do an extreme sport

    Conquered! I don’t consider myself an extreme-sports person but I do like to experiment life. When I was at New Zealand, hub brought me to paraglide and I did it! The experience was immense and one that I’ll never forget, in a good way, though I almost puke (remember, I had motion sickness).

  11. Climb to the top of a mountain

    Conquered! Alright, I didn’t literally climb up a mountain but I took a helicopter to the top of Mt. Cook. Consider this done. I really feel that climbing up a mountain is beyond me (why this made it to my list was beyond me too), especially after reading about the recent Sabah incident. I do not want to risk my life to climb a mountain when the journey is fraught with rocky terrains and with ever-changing weather conditions, above all, unexpected natural disasters.

  12. Travel to a country I have never been to before

    The world is big. I love exploring different countries, their cultures, their language, their food, their climate, their habits, their people and everything in between. Every place is unique and every trip is enriching. Traveling opens up our mind. We become more accommodative, and less cynical, more appreciative, and less judgemental. I can’t wait to explore a whole new place. There are so much to discover!

  13. Watch a stage play

    I just want to watch one, no need a reason to, right? “Hub, when are you taking me for a play?”

  14. Start a business

    I have worked for others in different fields and had my fair share of good and bad times. I’m thankful I had more good times than bad but for now I will like to do some thing for myself. Will see how things go…

  15. Figure how to grow up, not grow old

    Still figuring…

  16. Write a book

    I haven’t even started, how to complete this before I turn 30? This will eventually go to my 40 before 40 list. Haha…

  17. Plant something

    I’m not that ambitious. I don’t want a garden filled with potato, chilli, papaya, tomato, or what not (no place anyway). I just want to plant something with my kids. Maybe bean sprout?

  18. Bring my kids to UQ

    I spent four years in Brisbane, of which three years were spent at The University of Queensland (UQ) and I really liked it there. If I have the chance, I will bring my kids to UQ and share with them stories of my school days, take them to eat the best pizza ever served at uni, and let them roll about at the great court. I want to bring them to places we frequent and tell them how mummy and daddy went through uni days. We had so much fun! But first, we need to keep a watch on SQ promotions.

  19. Read a book

    I haven’t read a good book in a long while. All I’m reading now are children books and the newspaper. I shall find time to read, soon.

  20. Do a family photoshoot

    I had wanted to do a family photoshoot when I had Sonia, but she didn’t have much hair then, so we waited. Then Arnold came along and I told hub to wait till Arnold has more hair. And now I think both my children have enough hair. Now we need to find a photographer, a good time (when everyone is available), and a good venue.

  21. Picnic at the beach

    This is just something I want to do but there are too many reasons not to do it. Sigh. It’s raining, it’s too hot, too many mosquito, too tired, too busy, too lazy, too… whatever… we are heading to the beach for a picnic before I turn 30. Period.

  22. Learn a new language

    My mum sent me for French classes when I was a kid but I had no one to converse in French with, and so, whatever my teacher taught me went straight down to the bin as soon as I stopped lessons. I really want to pick up a new language but I’m not sure what yet. Just not French again. But is it possible to learn a language in 1 year?

  23. Learn to speak Teochew properly

    I am a Teochew but I can’t even string a proper sentence in Teochew. Growing up with a Teochew father and Hokkien mother, I often mix both dialets and use the words interchangeably. I need to work on that.

  24. Polish myself

    On most days, I mindlessly throw on a sleeveless top and a pair of shorts, and sweep my hair up into a ponytail. I always admire the women who seem put together at all times with their hair neatly styled, flawless makup, and perfectly accessorised outfits. I’d like to make an effort to emulate that. Hopefully when my kids are older (not when my kids still scream for me to carry them, pull my hair, etc). I’m guessing, this will not happen in a year, perhaps be reprinted on my 40 on 40 list in the next decade.

  25. Perfect my white cake

    It’s only in my late twenties that I’ve started embracing the kitchen. I love baking actually. I find it relaxing and therapeutic. It’s one of those things that’s both a science and an art if you manage to pull it all together. And so in my last year before turning thirty, I’d like to perfect my white cake. I’ve tried many white cake recipes but none, I felt, were good enough.

  26. Digital detox once a month

    Yes, I want to be a cavewoman at least once a month and turn off the Internet. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Maybe I’ll just turn off my electronic gadgets for a day. It shouldn’t be too challenging, no?

  27. Explore my country

    It can be totally liberating to rediscover where you live. Singapore is small as it is but there’s still a lot to see here. I haven’t been to the Universal Studio, the Sembawang Hot Spring, or to some rustic farms.

  28. Take up photography classes

    Since young, I enjoy looking at picture of myself. I love posing for the camera and I know what you are thinking… I’m narcissistic. Maybe? But now that I have kids, I enjoy being behind the camera more than being in front of it. I start having a passion for photography and want to take nice shots of my family (though I really wished I was in the picture, I was there too right?)

  29. Do a kind deed to a random stranger

    My dad taught me this and I will remember it for life “施比受更为有福”. It means, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

  30. See the Northern Lights

    The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a “natural light display in the sky particularly in high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetically charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere” (Wikipedia). You need to be at the right place, at the right time to witness this natural phenomenon. I hope to see this at least once in my life time.


For the least I’ve fulfilled 11 of the 30 things I had listed above! Nineteen more to go…

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